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Let Me

3.8 / 5

Words & Music: Elvis Presley Vera Matson

Whenever I dance with the girl I love
My head goes round and round
When she's close to me
I can't stay on the ground

Whenever I dance with the girl I love
I never have a care
All night I'm so light
I walk right on the air

Oh let me, oh honey let me
Let me do what you know I love to do
Please take another chance and let me
Let me have another dance with you

Whenever I feel those pretty arms
Reaching round about
That feeling goes to my toes
And all the lights go out, go out, go out

Whenever I see those eyes of blue
Smiling up so shy
I'm in such a spin I take right off and fly

So let me, oh honey let me
Let me do what you know I love to do
Please take another chance and let me
Let me have another dance with you

So let me dance in the arms I love
Thrill me through and through
I'm so drunk with love
That all I see is you

I never hear the music play
I never see the crowd
Only you and me
Dancing on a cloud

Oh let me, oh honey let me
Let me do what you know I love to do
Please take another chance and let me
Let me have, another dance, with you

Recordingdate: 1956/09/04, first released on: Love Me Tender (EP)


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Steve V wrote on January 31, 2009
The Love Me Tender songs take a bad rap because they were so far removed from what Elvis was doing in the recording studio in 1956. But I kinda like them all only because Elvis was so damn committed in 1956. It's his voice that is so infectious in everything he sang.
Gorse wrote on November 02, 2012
Great track from the Love Me Tender film which had Elvis gyrating around on stage showing what the fuss was all about for us in the UK who never saw him in concert in the early days. A vibrant bouncy country styled number with a young elvis voice which receives 5 stars from me.
sugartummy wrote on March 31, 2013
Elvis' regular musicians weren't hillbilly enough (!), so Elvis had to work with others, like on this one Carl Fortina on accordion. A real fun song. I like the whole (just 4 songs) Love me tender soundtrack.
Deano1 wrote on October 29, 2013
Fun, energetic song from "Love Me Tender". Not one of Elvis' best 50's songs, but enjoyable. The "Love Me Tender" EP was definitely a departure from his other recordings in '56 and it laid the foundation for future soundtracks. I give this song and the EP three stars. I can honestly say I enjoy listening to several soundtrack LP's over this EP.
Natha wrote on October 29, 2013
Love this song. It's Elvis on stage and that makes it all the more fun. Of course it was somewhat watered down from the actual stage shows he gave in those years, but still. Compared to the smashing hits of those years it might not be the top, but overall it is showing us the power that he had in those years. Don't miss this one. It will give you loads of fun.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 31, 2013
This is such a magnificent, fun and underrated song and I've never skipped it. My favorite era of Elvis' singing career will definitely always be the 1950's. I love every song that Elvis recorded during the 1950's.
Cruiser621 wrote on January 09, 2018
One of 4 songs on the "Love Me Tender" 45RPM Extended play released back in 1956 and one of 4 that I actually like if only for the memories. Definitely was different compared to what he was releasing in 1956 but anything he released back then would have been a hit, he was that popular at the time.
DerekH wrote on October 02, 2022
Great performance from Elvis, this and Poor Boy could have made a great single.
Milky White Way wrote on October 03, 2022
I don’t dislike it but I wonder if this song was used in the post 63 movies it would be regarded as fluff or crap. But there are many 60’s movies songs I prefer. However It’s fun and catchy and like three out of the four, it’s never skipped. But I prefer any 60’s movie song over Love me tender (except the 68 version).
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