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I Miss You

4.2 / 5

Words & Music: Donnie Sumner

Still I recall all the good times together
The love we shared, the fun and the laughter
How I wish you could feel what my heart says tonight dear
I miss you and I wish you were here

Dreams that I had they lay broken in sorrow
The plans I made the hopes for tomorrow
If I could I would tell you I'm lonesome tonight dear
Oh I miss you and I wish you were here

All through the night I will see memories passing
The way you looked the sound of your laughing
How I long for the touch of your hand holding mine dear
Oh I miss you and I wish you were here

Lord, I miss you and I wish you were here

Recordingdate: 1973/09/23, first released on: Raised on Rock (album)


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Deano1 wrote on March 06, 2010
Another good ballad from the LP "Raised On Rock". Not as good as "Sweet Angeline", but on par with "Are You Sincere" and "For Ol' Times Sake" and much better than "Girl Of Mine". I will give it 4 stars.
Steve Morse wrote on March 31, 2010
I always loved this, despite the slightly ropey sound on the original issue. The outtakes are just beautiful, especially Takes 10/11 composite, to be found on the Raised On Rock FTD.
old shep wrote on March 31, 2010
A really good country number, simple but profound.
Steve V wrote on March 31, 2010
It's not a bad song & performance but Elvis was doing way too many of these type 'miss you' songs from 1972 onwards. They all seemed similar after a while with no new ground broken.
derekd wrote on March 31, 2010
Good enough song on an album, but not for a single. Not what you would call a 'pop' song. When the 'Raise on Rock' Lp was named I expected songs like Promised Land, Burnin Love, For the Heart, etc a collection of new rock songs. Returning to the ROR Lp, I'd had name the album 'Just a litle bit of ELVIS',, taken off 'Raised on Rock' and added {or recorded} a few more in line with the other songs. Then said to Elvis, re-record ROR with a bit more real rock feel and released it purely as a 'single only'.
TCB1974 wrote on March 31, 2010
Simply beautiful.
dgirl wrote on March 31, 2010
From probably the most mis-titled album in his catalog, I can take this or leave it. Imagine another singer singing this song, then you can see how ordinary a song it really is.
Great Dane wrote on March 31, 2010
A beauty,always liked the album.
Rob Wanders wrote on March 16, 2012
a beautiful diamant
TCB1974 wrote on March 16, 2012
Absolutely love this song. The heartbroken songs recorded in 1973 were sincere and touching. The later so called Jungle Room recordings from 1976 were just depressing but this is beautiful. Elvis in 1973 was fantastic!
alanfalk wrote on October 10, 2012
I love the quiet rhytm in this song and Elvis sings it just beautiful, 4 stars from me.
Gorse wrote on October 25, 2012
A lovely soulful ballad, the type in which he excelled. Never skip it and find non fans appreciate it as well.
sugartummy wrote on March 15, 2013
He nailed it on take one. Listen to the beautiful guitar on that take. Written by Voice member Sumner, who included the line "I'm lonesome tonight dear". One of my favourite Elvis songs.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 24, 2013
Elvis does a great job on this love song. The vocals, and the emotion, are perfect, and, its a real good song ! Its one of my favorites. However, the sound could have been, so much better, on the original master recording. Often In the 70s, after the songs were overdubbed, the vocals, sounded "hollow" & "distorted", and this sound, is so apparent on a lot of the 70s masters. In most cases, the outakes, which aren't overdubbed, (or overdubbed as much), often sound fuller and better ! If one, goes back and listens to the masters of "Girl of mine" & "If that Isn't Love" & "Spanish Eyes" and more from the 70s albums. The performances are great but the studio sound, isn't. I would be great if RCA would go back and remix these masters, with tender loving care and bring out the best sound on these 70s masters. And I agree, that a album called "Raised on Rock", (even though its mailnly a song title) should have been a "Rock-N-Roll" album, with Fun Rock-Roll songs ! The amazing ballads on this album, could have been used on another album.
ElvisSacramento wrote on March 25, 2013
This is such a beautiful and underrated ballad and it's my second most favorite song from the "Raised On Rock" album. My favorite song from the "Raised On Rock" album is "Three Corn Patches".
cookingfat wrote on April 24, 2013
A good country song, poignant but simple.Elvis' vocal is excellent on this.Pity the rest of the album didn't match this quality
Pieter wrote on April 24, 2013
I would have liked it better without Voice.
jwedwards835 wrote on November 07, 2014
A true classic! I give it the same amount of stars that are in the heavens.
rai wrote on February 22, 2015
Nice song but rarely hear it. Top marks from me.
bajo wrote on November 27, 2015
This became an instant favorite ballad since I first heard it! I'm one of the few who actually liked and still like the ROR album. The FTD actually strengthened my appreciation for it. The only song that is a bit "off" on the album is Girl Of Mine, more for technical reasons than the song and performance itself. I Miss You is a ballad I often play. Love it!
Stevekimb1 wrote on November 27, 2015
A very nice reading of the song. Heartfelt.
Cruiser621 wrote on October 01, 2017
Doesn't ring my chimes to be honest. Not one of the memorable tunes he ever recorded. 3-stars.
jaques marcello wrote on October 02, 2017
5 stars for this song. One of my favorite
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