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I Just Can't Make It by Myself

2.8 / 5

Words & Music: Herbert Brewster

I need Jesus to guide me every day
As I'm travellin' along this rough and narrow way
Though afflictions fill my soul
I'm determined to make the goal
I've gotta have Jesus 'cause I just can't make it by myself

Every day I pray (pray) pray (pray)
Pray (pray) pray (pray)
I pray (pray) pray (pray
Pray pray pray
Pray and ask the Lord Jesus
Don't leave me by myself

Every mornin' through the years I pray
You know I've got to have Jesus
I just can't it by myself
By myself

Recordingdate: 1956/12/04, first released on: The Million Dollar Quartet (album)


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sugartummy wrote on March 16, 2013
Pretty good sound quality on this one. Elvis & Jerry Lee doing a good version of this gospel.
JerryNodak wrote on May 07, 2019
Haven't listened to any of the Million Dollar quartet stuff in at least a couple of decades. Don't care.
Gorse2 wrote on November 11, 2021
Just listened to it so my reaction is now, and it is a minute of nothing special even for the lesser private recordings, and its value is down to something just of historic interest in the Elvis world.
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