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Everybody Come Aboard

2.9 / 5

Words & Music: Bill Giant Bernie Baum Florence Kaye

Everybody come aboard The Showboat tonight
We're gonna dance 'till the morning light
We'll have fun the whole night long
There'll be jokes and songs
Forget your troubles, forget your strife
You'll have the best time of your life
Hey everyone let's go, on with the show

Everybody's gonna gamble on The Showboat tonight
The big casino's lit up bright
How can you lose just wear a grin you'll be sure to win
Lady Luck's waiting there inside
The wheel of fortune's about to ride
Hey everyone let's go on with the show

Way down by the lobby, the boats at the bank
Bring money to spend your welcome my friend
Just walk up the plank
Everybody come aboard the showboat tonight
Look around at the happy sight
We'll guarantee that you'll have a ball
Come on one and all
Well what a great night you've got in store
You'll wanna keep coming back for more
Hey everyone let's go on with the show

Well what a great night you've got in store
You'll wanna keep coming back for more
Hey everyone let's go on with the show
What a great night you've got in store
You're gonna keep coming back for more
Hey everyone let's go on with the show

Recordingdate: 1965/05/14, first released on: Frankie and Johnny (album)


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dgirl wrote on April 02, 2009
Yuck. I was unhappy I came on board to this LP.
Deano1 wrote on March 11, 2010
A good number in the same vein as "Look Out Broadway" that served as the finale for the movie and soundtrack LP "Frankie And Johnny". Warning to Elvis fans who only like the 50's rebel or the emotional ballads of the 70's, this film, song and soundtrack are not for you. But, if you want to see Elvis in a true musical (or as close as he got to one), looking like a million bucks, then watch this movie and have fun. The soundtrack LP is enjoyable if you are not hung up on what other musical acts were doing in 1966 and you just want a well sung easy listening album.
Gorse wrote on December 06, 2012
I have said many times that I am a long term Elvis fan as he successfully attempted many different styles. This song could have been in a musical from the late 40's early 50's, and taken in that light is an enjoyable bit of fun entertainment. Again I add echo to this soundtrack although it is still better on film than on vinyl.
sugartummy wrote on March 04, 2013
Sound a bit like the music of New Orleans to me, although I must admit I've never been there. Good enough.
ElvisSacramento wrote on May 24, 2015
I've always admired this jazzy, catchy, fun and marvelous movie song and Elvis' rendition of it was stellar. I rate this song 5 stars. It's one of the gems that was written by the songwriting trio Bill Giant, Bernie Baum and Florence Kaye. Elvis recorded 42 songs that were written by that trio. I'm so very glad that Donna Douglas from the iconic, hugely popular and long running TV Series "The Beverly Hillbillies" was Elvis' leading lady in the movie "Frankie and Johnny".
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