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Don't Ask Me Why

4.1 / 5

Words & Music: Ben Weisman Fred Wise

I'll go on loving you
Don't ask me why
Don't know what else to do
Don't ask me why

How sad my heart would be
If you should go
Though you're not good for me
I want you so

It's not the kind
Of love I dream about
But it's the kind
That I can't live without

You're all I'm longing for
Don't say good-bye
I need you more and more
Don't ask me why
I need you more and more
Don't ask me why

Recordingdate: 1958/01/16, first released on: single (album)


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old shep wrote on May 02, 2008
A good ballad, very underrated.
ttwiise wrote on March 24, 2009
What a fantastic song, incredible to think that it is a soundtrack song if only songs of this calibre were used in all his movies. A true 5 star performance
Steve V wrote on December 17, 2009
Underrated. Should be considered an Elvis classic. 50's & early 60's ballads to me were the King's best ballads ever.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on December 10, 2011
Amazing performance. One of the many great songs from the movie "King Creole". Here's an imaginary strong "double A" single, "Don't Ask me why-/Tell me why". A solid winner !
dgirl wrote on December 10, 2011
A good song , sung well, & used to great effect in the movie. Not strong enough for an A side though. Perfect for a B.
sitdown revamped wrote on December 10, 2011
An all time favourit of mine. Would be a nice album title. "Don't Ask Me Why - The Hidden Elvis Presley Classics". Couldn't we just open a column here under the title: my underrated Elvis classic? Anyplace is Paradise is another one in the same league for me. And what about Playing For Keeps?
TCB1974 wrote on December 10, 2011
Very nice ballad, though it sounds very dated with the background vocals. The lyrics are targeting a teener audience, but overall very enjoyable due to the delivery in recognizable Elvis style. Three stars.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on December 10, 2011
This ballad, could possibly be "overdubbed/Remixed" to sound more comtemporary, and featured in a movie soundtrack, in 2012. As mentioned, back in the day, it could have been a double "A" single, with the flip side being "Tell me why, meaning both sides, are meant, for radio airplay. I do think "Tell me why" is a stronger song, and a better performance. But, both songs are great. Of note, "Tell me why" was released on a single (45 rpm), as a "B" side in 1965 and was ignored, possibly, because it was 7 years old by then, and the fans, already had the song in their collections. If it was to be a single, it should have been in the years 1956-to-1959.
Deano1 wrote on January 08, 2012
A fine ballad from "King Creole" that received some airplay upon its release as the B-side of "Hard Headed Woman". It hit #28 on the pop chart, #9 on the R&B chart and charted with its A-side on the country chart (peak #2). Not one of the very best Elvis ballads, but still a four star track.
freedom101 wrote on January 08, 2012
One of the best tracks from one of the greatest LPs of all-time.
ElvisSacramento wrote on October 27, 2012
This song is definitely a true gem and it should definitely be way better known than it actually is. It's one of Elvis' very finest ballads.
kink56 wrote on November 07, 2012
Great song, from his best soundtrack LP ever. (much better than the Loving You LP)
john804 wrote on November 07, 2012
"Don't Ask Me Why" is a great song from a great album, "King Creole".
Gorse wrote on November 07, 2012
I always look at this song and As Long As I Have You from King Creole as soulmates. Both beautiful ballads showing his developing vocal control and execution of this type of song which is seen in all its glory post army.
sugartummy wrote on March 02, 2013
The best ballad from King Creole. I love the outro with the bluesy guitar. Wanda Jackson did a good cover of this one.
Cruiser621 wrote on September 16, 2017
This was the flip side or B side of the 45RPM original hit single, "Hard Headed Woman" released, I believe in June of 1958 from the upcoming movie "King Creole", not one of my favorite single releases back in the day. Radically different sound, but the "Don't Ask Me Why" was your typical Elvis ballad. A good song, but not deemed the A-Side.
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