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Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite


Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite
Released: 2013/03/19 by Sony Legacy

Legacy release of both the original show and the rehearsal.

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GEORGE (GK) wrote on January 06, 2013
I wish, RCA would re-issue the new Legacy version of "Aloha From Hawaii" with the current album cover, which features actual photos from the "Aloha Concert" in1973" instead of the semi unflattering 1972 photo that graced the original album cover. But since its the Legacy series, I am sure we go back to the original album cover. Regardless, I Love what RCA-Sony is doing with the "Legacy series". Remastering and re-releasing Solid gold Albums with extras, at the nice affordable price.
Rating: 5 / 5
claunath82 wrote on January 20, 2013
I also would have preferred they use a picture of hawaii concert with the rest of the original cover, this would be the time to fix this error then!
Rating: 5 / 5