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Destination Vegas


Destination Vegas
Released: 2007/08/13 by Wienerworld Ltd.
An Elvis documentary DVD.

ElvisNews review

Just over a week ago we received this documentary on DVD. Finally I found the time to watch it.


As far as you can speak of a design… it is extremely poor. Someone cut a picture of Elvis out and gave him a hair dress that is even to the worst hairdresser a nightmare. The DVD itself has menus that are done in the same way: some nice pictures are ruined by someone who clearly doesn’t know how to handle Photoshop (or probably MS-Paint in this case). Not very promising for the main content…


And indeed as the design already predicted, the content turned out to be a disappointment too. The documentary isn’t too bad as a documentary, but it doesn’t cover the title at all. It is a global overview of Elvis’ career. Along the way they are focusing very closely on the negative (drug abuse and overweight), which brings it close to a “boulevard documentary”.
Most of the footage used is ’56 TV material in an acceptable quality – I’ve seen it worse on other discs. Some film trailers and 8mm footage of the 70s complete the moving material with Elvis. Elvis’ monologues are used as background, of course the 1974-Vegas rambling, which is the only connection with the title of the DVD.
The main future only lasts 3 quarters of an hour (gladly), and not the 80 minutes that we are threatened with on the cover.
As extras there is more footage (with Elvis’ monologue as voice over) and a slideshow with pictures taken directly from the internet, often in pretty poor quality.


I can only use an Elvis-title in this case: Stay Away, Joe AND all others.

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Jerome wrote on November 14, 2007
the cover has got 5 stars on it, so I guess 5 stars (for 5 dollars)
Rating: 5 / 5
Tony D. wrote on November 22, 2007
This release is nothing but a fraud and a con. It lets you believe that this is a documentary about Elvis' later "Vegas years", with unreleased footage from Vegas. In fact it is yet another cheaply made programme with many errors featuring the usual "public domain" 50's TV show footage in inferior quality. Shocking way to treat fans who had high hopes for something new. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, PLEASE.
Tony D. wrote on November 23, 2007
Oh, and by the way, the runnig time is nowhere NEAR 80minutes as listed!!
MEMPHISMUSIC wrote on October 07, 2010
Pure rubbish
Rating: 1 / 5