Elvis Presley 1955/02/13
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Elvis In Texas
I.G. Holmes (Elvis In Texas)
Fair Park Coliseum, Lubbock, Texas
If good luck shined on a musician in the eighteenth or nineteenth century, he might enjoy a royal patronage. For relatively decent money, the entertainer would play command performances every month or so to an adoring benefactor and the enthusiastic audience, woh applauded loudly so as not to lose their heads. If such a thing existed in the fifties, then the Lowes of Lubbock might qualify, sans the missing head part. Just off old Slayton Highway, the Cotton Club booked the best musical talent to waltz through West Texas, from Bob Wills to Harry James. But for their favorite guest, the quiet-spoken boy from Tupelo, the Lowes bumped other singers off the bill to empty a spot for him.

Elvis first played the Cotton CLub a few days after the new year. Despite the pitiful turnout, the Lowes took to the Hayride singer and invited him back for a February 13 performance, immediately following his appearance at the Lubbock Fair Coliseum. The twenty five people who heard the young singer at the January program apparently ran home and told two friends, who told two friends, and so on, and so on, because the Cotton Club bulged with attendees in February, as it did every other time thereafter.

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