Elvis Presley 1973/04
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Elvis International Forum (Summer 1994 edition)
Elvis and Jules Meyers shaking hands after the deal is made. (Tom Mc Allister)
Santa Monica Blvd., West Los Angeles, California.
Back in the early 1970's, Tom Mc Allister was good friends with the guys at the Pontiac / Stutz dealership in West Los Angeles, California on Santa Monica Blvd. Jules Meyers (creator of the Stutz Blackhawk) and Elvis had something in common - they both loved exotic cars. Jules was a big Elvis fan. From 1970 - 1973, Elvis bought three of his cars. Each time, Jules would personally deliver the car to Elvis and he would bring a photographer to photograph the event.

In January 1973, Elvis filmed "Aloha From Hawaii". It was shown 'live" everywhere except the USA, where it didn't air until April, 1973. That night in April, Tom's friends at Stutz called him around 9:00. They said that Elvis pulled up in his midnight blue Mercedes limousine to look at the new pearl white Stutz, which was displayed in the showroom window. It had twenty coats of white paint, with 18 karat gold flakes, tan leather interior and the cost was $125.000. Elvis was wearing a white leather coat with fur trim on the collar and cuffs. Furthermore he was wearing a white turban with a large precious stone in the middle. They said the outfit was absolutely wild! Imagine them all watching the "Aloha" Special on the TV's, and in walks Elvis. They all froze in amazement. Elvis ordered the car, and the next day Jules delivered it to Elvis at his 144 Monovale Drive, Holmby Hills Estate in California.
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