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Elvis '73 Hawaiian Spirit. (by Joseph A. Tunzi)
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Las Vegas
The Aloha From Hawaii Special was announced during a press conference on September 5, 1972, in Las vegas. Rocco Laginestra, a former president of RCA was seated next to Elvis.

"And I really should start this conference off by congratulating Elvis because we will have two new firsts. . .the first performer to do a world wide live concert via satellite, a real spectacular. And the second is that we will have a worldwide album via satellite. All of this has been made possible by the joint efforts of a lot of people and especially, including Colonel Tom Parker. Elvis, again, my congratulations for this spectacular." "Thank you, sir. Thank you."

"I'd just like to say before anything else that it's a privilege to do this satellite program, and I am going to do my best. And all the people who work with me to do a good show which is pure entertainment, no messages and no this and that. Just try to make people happy for that one hour that it comes across. If we do that, then I think I've done a job."

"Elvis, what's your opinion of going out live to all these countries?"

"WHEW. It's very hard to comprehend it. In 15 years it's very hard to comprehend that happening. You know, to all the countries all over the world via satellite. It's very difficult to comprehend, but it's my favorite part of the business, a live concert."

"Are you religious?"

"It played a major role in my life, gospel music, I like it. We often go into our suite and sing all night."

"How do you pace yourself?"

"Physically or vocally? Whatever, I just. . .ah. . .I exercise everyday. Practice if I am working or not. So I try to stay in shape all the time. Vocally and mentally."

"Which is harder?"

(Laughing) "Both is tough. You've got to work at them. I don't mind it, you know. It's worth it."

"Are you going yo get married again?"

"I haven't thought about it. I have a little girl four years old. It's hard to put the two, marriage and the career, together."

"What do you contribute to your 17 years of success?"

"A lot of praying, sir."

Elvis and Rocco Laginestra announced that there would be no charge for admission during the broadcast of the show on January 14, 1973. Donations could be made at the door. They had hoped to raise $15,000, and Elvis wrote the first check for $1,000.

Elvis prepared for his worldwide telecast with two performances on November 17 and November 18, 1972 at the same arena: the Honolulu International Center.
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