Elvis Presley 1956
Taken on:
Unseen Elvis - Candids of the King (Jim Curtin) and Elvis Word for Word (Jerry Osborne)
Elvis plays the piano for fan Judy Spreckles
The Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas
Elvis: " I want to tell you a story, if you don't mind, before I do this. See this young lady right here? Her name is Judy Spreckles. And let me tell you a story about her. When I came to Hollywood, I was Twenty years old, to do 'Love Me Tender', her family was the Spreckles Sugar family - you've heard of those, haven't you? Yeah, well I guess everybody has 'cause it's a big company - she gave me a four black star sapphire ring that I kept up until Priscilla and I were married. And Priscilla used it as an engagement ring.

This lady right here did, twenty years ago...Judy Spreckles. I don't know where she's been. She's been married, off in the hills, flying in the jets, climbing trees and all that kind of stuff, riding' horses. She's a wild woman, but she did that and she comes around here once in a while to check on me...."

(Elvis about Judy Spreckles at the Las Vegas Hilton on September 2, 1974)

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