The '68 Comeback

Released: 1990, by Golden Archives MKS 101-102


Medley: Nothingsville/ Guitar Man/ Let Yourself Go/ Guitar Man/ Big Boss Man
If I Can Dream (Instrumental)
Let Yourself Go (Instrumental)
It Hurts Me
Trouble/ Guitar Man
Medley: Motherless Child/ Where Could I Go But To The Lord/ Up Above My Head/ Saved
A Little Less Conversation (Instrumental)
Little Egypt/ Trouble (No.1)
Guitar Man (No.7, No.9)
It Hurts Me
Trouble (Disco No.1)
If I Can Dream (No.1)
Trouble (Disco No.2)
If I Can Dream (No.2)
Guitar Man (No.10)
Trouble (Supperclub No.1)
Let Yourself Go
Trouble (Supperclub No.2, No.3)
Little Egypt/ Trouble (No.2)
(all songs are studio rehearsals from June 28, and 30 1968)


A beautiful cd, all songs are taken from the original albums and not from the mastertapes and that's the only bad point.

Sound: 6 out of 10.