Day By Day

September 19, 1955

Elvis performed at the WRVA Theater, Richmond, Virginia.

September 19, 1958

Elvis left Fort Hort Hood at 7.00 p.m. He went on the troop train bounded for the Brooklyn Army Terminal in New York.

September 19, 1960

Just like before Elvis complained to the Colonel about RCA. They seemed to have remixed the sound of one of his songs. This time the upcoming single: Are You Lonesome Tonight? Elvis didn't like the sound of his own voice brought to the front at the expense of the backing vocals. He even threatened to go back in the studio to record it again.

September 19, 1961

Back in Memphis Elvis signed for a new Schimmel piano and organ from Jack Marshall Pianos and Organs.

September 19, 1973

The finger he broke during his last stay in Las Vegas still bothered Elvis and he went to an orthopaedist. There was a X-ray made and the finger was cast.

September 19, 1974

Linda's sister in law gave birth to a little girl at the Methodist Hospital. Elvis insisted not only to see Louise but also wanted to visit the labor room where he was recognized even with his surgical mask. One woman present said: Oh my God, you look like Elvis Presley. Elvis declared: Honey I AM Elvis Presley.

September 19, 1976

Elvis flew to Palm Springs, not to return to Memphis before the 26th.