Day By Day

November 29, 1955

Elvis performed at the Mosque Theater, Richmond, Virginia, Philip Morris Employees Night.

November 29, 1962

Back in Memphis Elvis had more than a month off, due to a change of personal appearance plans.

November 29, 1965

Elvis bought a Greyhound bus. This was a retired D'Elegance coach and Elvis planned to refurbish it to use it to drive to and from California.

November 29, 1966

Just outside of Little Rock Elvis heard Georg Klein play Tom Jones' Green Green Grass Of Home on his radio show. Elvis kept calling Georg over and over again to hear the song again. This much to annoyance of Red West, because he brought the song to Elvis attention the year before and was told it was too country for Elvis.
At home, at Graceland, Elvis' bedroom was redecorated, mostly into red and black. This would stay the almost the same until Elvis' death.

November 29, 1973

Elvis attended a show at the Memphian.

November 29, 1976

Elvis performed at the Cow Palace, San Francisco, California. Ginger Alden arrived with the JetStar, which Elvis had sent for her, but she was confined to her room. Elvis had not yet persuaded Linda to leave. When she finally did leave, it would be the last time the two of them saw each other.