Day By Day

December 06, 1955

Elvis performed at the Lyric Theater, Indianapolis.

December 06, 1956

Elvis went to the Loew's State to see Love Me Tender again at 8.00 p.m.

December 06, 1957

Again Elvis visited the WDIA Goodwill Review (a radio station) and again he was a warmly greeted visitor. He had his picture taken with his heroes, Little Junior Parker and Bobby Bland. The next day Elvis was quoted in the press: "their music is the real thing. Right from the heart."

December 06, 1959

Elvis started karate lessons with Jurgen Seydel. Mr. Seydel was known as the "father of the German karate". This sport is a discipline with which Elvis was very fascinated ever since he read an article about Hank Slamasky, an ex-Marine, who pioneered in teaching the sport in the service. Elvis took lessons from Mr. Seydel twice a week until he returned to the States.

December 06, 1970

Again Elvis made some purchases from the Gun Shop in Las Vegas.

December 06, 1976

Elvis had injured his ankle the night before and therefore he cut the show short because of pain from his ankle.