Through The Lens Of Phillip Harrington

By LexMay 12, 2019
Through The Lens Of Phillip Harrington

Flaming Star/FTD issued a new book last month: Through The Lens Of Phillip Harrington.


The 314 pages are on the larger standard format, which is perfect for a picture book. The little text available is printed in a good font, but the size and colour vary almost by page. The distance between the various pieces does prevent it from getting really annoying.


As said it is mainly a photo book, with only little text. Most of the text are clippings from newspapers or magazines from the day.

The photos are taken by Harrington between May 25 and 28 on tour and back at home in Memphis.

It starts of in Detroit, Mi, at the Fox Theatre where Elvis had 3 shows that May 25th. The first shots are no live shots thou, but pictures at the manager’s office of the theatre, Elvis at the arcade and the coke party for contest winners (no, not the white powder). The few pictures of the first show are not the best but show some iconic poses. Another party, adult this time, follows before it’s time for the late shows. The live pictures are not all great, but again some iconic ones show up, great stuff!

Up to Columbus, OH (May 26), where Col. Parker is center stage the first few pictures, selling his stuff. A super series of Elvis pictures follows, not all sharp, but oh what a great collection.

May 27 is for Dayton, OH, from the moment Elvis arrived with the band, checking the venue with security, signing pictures and doing the show. A lot of backstage pictures follow, in between shows. Again some blurry pictures from the live show, but the good ones make up for them. More backstage pictures follow.

The last day starts at the plane home, with Elvis reading reviews. The last 70 pages are mainly for family pictures at Audubon Drive.

The CD with the book holds the Little Rock show, almost fitting.


There are quite some blurry, out of focus pictures, but for some reason it works to get the right atmosphere (and only very few action pictures would be left). I’m sure I will thumb through it every now and then, just because of those few iconic pictures in the right context, but I like this kind of book. I guess you know ‘if you’re one of us’.

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