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Thankyouverymuch Jerry Lee!

October 29, 2022 | People

Yesterday the Last Man Standing went down. The Killer Jerry Lee Lewis, one of the orginal Sun artists and like Elvis member of the Million Dollar Quarted passed away at the age of 87. Earlier this month his health was already failing when he was inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Kris Kristofferson had to collect the ‘prize’ for him and delivered it to his home. All we can do is hope he'll get his monument!


I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on October 29, 2022
Good choice of song! Very much the last man standing, no Rock'n'Rollers left now. Elvis was the best, no argument there, but Jerry Lee had his place too.
Gorse2 wrote on October 30, 2022
I find it remarkable that Elvis passed away at such a young age while guys like Jerry Lee and Keith Richards lived their lives like a car coming down a mountain pass without brakes yet outliving him by many decades. Regardless of that observation Jerry was one heck of an entertainer who I first saw in the UK on Granada TV 1964 rocking and rolling and thumping that piano like his life depended on it - magnificent.
Coronel Parker wrote on October 31, 2022
Rest in peace, Killer