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September 11, 2022 | Music

Last week two magazines arrived. First the iconic The Man And His Music (TMAHM/ EMM) showed up with issue 137, once again a few hours reading pleasure on the doormat. Besides the regulars (reviews, news, letters) Luther Moore dives into ‘Elvis and the Vegas treadmill’, Trevor Cajiao dives into Parker, based on many interviews for the magazine in the past and Gordon Minto shines a light on Elvis' charity contributions.

Elvis My Happiness

The French fanclub magazine issued their 121st magazine. Of course the regulars, like ‘Today in France’, news, reviews and letters are present. There's a lot of attention for that terrible Luhrman movie. Part 2 of the series ‘Elvis in Canada’ is much better material. The dinner show in on August 3, 1969 gets in the spotlight and there's a lot of attention for the US trip by the fanclub in August, which must have been a party, according to the pictures.


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