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The Dream Project

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, August 14, 2022 | Music

After a few announcements Victrola finally released their long awaited ‘The Dream Project’. Not yet on vinyl, but a CD with many more tracks than were originally announced.


The base 3 panel design is good, only the contrast of the liner notes with the background could be a bit better. The track listing is a bit sloppy and could be more complete (why not the full date?). Obviously the last track was added last minute (or forgotten) which resulted in a larger font and no dash between the number and title. The missing dot on the I as we say in Dutch. Speaking of punctuation… I don't get the apostrophe behind Elvis' name on the cover.


Compilations like this have as many lovers as haters. In this case I am among the first group of people. It is a pretty balanced song list in good quality. Soundwise only Burning Love is really different, because the amount of treble in it compared to the other tracks. Most of the songs are either not heard often live. One can wonder why Little Darling, Hound Dog and Love Me are included. Those aren’t exactly rare or highlights. Personally I would have left out Burning Love, because of the sound. The up tempo version of Polk Salad is not my piece of cake, I prefer the ‘laid back’ version that’s closer to the original, but to each their own.


A very pleasant collection of live versions, which already found my player for a handful of spins. I am pretty sure it will be there for a while.


  1. If You Talk In Your Sleep (August 1974)
  2. My Boy (March 1975)
  3. I’m Leaving (August 1974)
  4. Good Times Charlie Got The Blues (August 1974)
  5. It’s Midnight ( August 1974)
  6. And I Love You So (December 1975)
  7. Polk Salad Annie ( December 1975)
  8. Promised Land ( March 1975)
  9. Trouble (September 1973)
  10. Burning Love (December 1975)
  11. Love Me (February 1972)
  12. It’s Impossible ( February 1972)
  13. Proud Mary (August 1974)
  14. Down In The Alley (August 1974)
  15. You’ve Lost That Feeling ( January 1974)
  16. Little Darling (December 1975)
  17. Big Boss Man (March 1975)
  18. Hound Dog (February 1972)
  19. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (March 1975)