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On Tour Preview

August 11, 2022 | Music

Sony Legacy released the first preview for the upcoming 'On Tour' set, 'Take 2 of 'Burning Love'. You can also listen to the song on Spotify and other platforms. Apple Music shows all 145 tracks.  

Description: 'Elvis On Tour' is a 6 CD + 1 Blu-ray box set comprised of the audio from four of the shows (and two rehearsal)s that were part of Elvis’ 1972 North American tour.

Originally recorded for the Elvis On Tour concert film that was released later that year, the set features a total of 145 tracks, including 91 tracks that have been previously unreleased, as well as the award-winning concert film on Blu-ray.

Source:Elvis Day By Day
Stefan74 wrote on August 11, 2022
I think that box set will be as good as the two previous boxes. I already have the Amiga set which is very good but the official one will be even better. Comibed with the FTD set that probably will contain the Mock session the Buffalo rehearsal and the interviews. Both together make the absolute set and the only thing we need then is a proper DVD release with a good part of the rehearsals and at least one complete show maybe combined of ideos from the 4 shows put together.
Walter wrote on August 11, 2022
BIG THANKS to elvisnews.com for keeping us up to date!
Walter wrote on August 11, 2022
Does anyone have the link for the unboxing of EOT on Sunday?
Way Down Under wrote on August 12, 2022
Going by the track listings, "I got a women", "Never Been to Spain" and Mountain were RCA recorded in Hampton Roads on April 9 and hopefully the entire version of Lawdy Miss Clawdy from Richmond. If so then that's a big tick to the live portion of the set. I would also be interested in the revamped sound on the San Antonio concert from April 18. I thought the sound was a bit thin on the 'Close Up' box set from 2003. Given that this project is primarily geared toward the general public, I think the rehearsals with all their breakdowns and false starts, might be a little too extensive and tedious for the casual buyer to absorb. Looking at the running times of some tracks, some are just too padded out. One example is Johnny B. Goode going for nearly 5 minutes. Otherwise a definite winner overall, for both casual buyer and '70's collectors alike, by E.J and the Legacy team. Stefan74: Looks to me like the Mock Session will be covered, warts and all in this set, so personally I can't see why FTD would want to double up on that session.
PageBoy wrote on August 12, 2022
This set may be released on the Sony label rather than its connoisseur's subsidiary FTD. But a 6-CD + 1 BR boxed-set of Elvis Presley in 1972 - and at such an outrageous price point - cannot possibly be aimed at the general public. This is going out on Sony to make it conspicuous and easily accessible to the King's hard-core fanbase.
Stefan74 wrote on August 12, 2022
Way Down Under: You could be right and I also would be pleased with a little edited version of the rehearsals with the mock session included. In their original form they cover 3 CDs (Amiga) and if they would edit them down to 2 CDs it wouldn't hurt.
Walter wrote on August 12, 2022
Once again, well said PageBoy! There's nothing here for collectors except for what should be excellent sound quality. As for the Blu-ray I'd be curious of the sound format! Quick question for all those positives, reasonables, and sensible ones: how many shows / rehearsals from TTWII were released individually before the Sony release of the Box set containing all 6 shows W/DVD/Blu-Ray and the FTD Boxset of the complete rehearsals along with two massive books?
Gorse2 wrote on August 13, 2022
Going off at a slight tangent there is a video doing the rounds I saw on You Tube via Elvis Lass from Robbo Elvis Videos - 'Elvis 2022 Release The Elvis On Tour Footage'. Baz Luhrmann had access to a lot of the footage but the purpose of the video is that on the back of the sensational success of the Elvis movie $253m at the time of this comment now is the time for WB and whoever to release the footage COS YOU COULD MAKE SOME GOOD MONEY.
Walter wrote on August 14, 2022
Surprise, surprise, apparently for the Blu-Ray, the opening is with Don't Be Cruel not with Johnny B. Goode Here's a link with all the details. https://theseconddisc.com/2022/08/12/burning-love-elvis-presleys-elvis-on-tour-gets-super-sized-on-new-box-set/#comments
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 15, 2022
~ The size of this box set will be 8" x 8" just like the "Prince From Another Planet" set. The lowest price that I've seen so far for this new Elvis On Tour set is $73.35 at importcds .com
Walter wrote on August 15, 2022
Thanks TheMemphisFan. Have you heard anything about the release date? Initially it was planned for November 11th. Now, it's for beginning of December?
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 16, 2022
The SONY officials confirmed that the release date will be December 2.
Walter wrote on August 17, 2022
The digital release will be on November 11th
Zarathustra72 wrote on August 17, 2022
It makes No sense at all that they are Not including the Mock session Buffalo rehearsal and the interviews. Obviously, this is the equivalent to a "Best Of" and Not anywhere close to being a Comprehensive Set. I keep hearing also people referring to "FTD"......This is Not an FTD Release...... It is a Legacy Label Release. We need Clarity when describing these releases..... It was said, this Set will have a total of 145 tracks, including 91 tracks that have been previously unreleased......... Considering the vast amounts of these, maybe even "ALL" of these, are already something we have heard through Bootleg Labels and in good quality, we are Not actually getting 91 "Unreleased" tracks.......
Stefan74 wrote on August 18, 2022
The .ock session is included here but a little bit edited so the 3 Amiga CDs fit on 2. This is not really complete but maybe more listenable. I think they will include tge Buffalo Rehearsal and the Interviews in the upcoming FTD Book project.
Closing vamp wrote on August 18, 2022
I checked the sessions CDs up against the Madison Standing Room Only Vol 3, 4 and 5. The two CDs on the new on tour box legacy edition cover pretty much these 3 CDs. Omitted are the songs performed solely by the stamps. I wish they had added the the Buffalo rehearsal and the interviews as well, but I supposedly had to limit themselves. If we get the rest on FTD then I'm happy with that. I have been following this site for perhaps at least 15 years. This is my first comment.
Zarathustra72 wrote on August 18, 2022
@Closing vamp and Stefan74, maybe I missed something somewhere. I did not know there was going to be an actual FTD release of any kind for Elvis On Tour? Yes, I would like to think so, but I had not heard this anywhere. I know we are closer than we've ever been before to possibly seeing the release of more or All of the unreleased Video Footage from the Tour. The success of the Elvis 2022 Biopic has actually done some good I think. Baz Luhrmann confirmed in his own words, that they do have access to the Footage for TTWII and EOT and would soon look into making this available. He used the word "Redux" which basically means "to bring back again and make like New"..... I suppose the question is, if we are ever going to see more of the material from either film, will it be in Disk Format or Streaming? Yes, there is an actual Elvis Streaming Network through several different Platforms like Xumo, but the Material there is nothing special at the moment. I would personally rather see any future Unreleased Material in a Packaged Disk Format.
Stefan74 wrote on August 18, 2022
There was an article on this site. I have it here for you. Erik Lorenzen stated that his upcoming 'On Tour' trilogy would contain "the complete and very extensive information of all shows and sessions", this would be "unique in this 1200 page edition". Now Ernst Jørgensen reacted and stated that his personal session notes are being used without permission: "It has come to my attention that some of my personal recording notes are being used in Erik Lorentzen’s forthcoming Elvis On Tour book. This is disappointing; as Erik has been notified that this information is private and confidential, and prior to publication permission is required, which has not been granted. Pål, David and myself are working on an 'Elvis On Tour' FTD release for 2022, this information will be included with this release." So I guess it will be the format of the Making Of Series from FTD like Viva Las Vegas and Jailhouse Rock. A book and 3CDs: The Buffalo Rehearsal The Interviews And?
Walter wrote on August 19, 2022
REDUX: In Latin, redux (from the verb reducere, meaning "to lead back") can mean "brought back" or "bringing back." The Romans used redux as an epithet for the goddess Fortuna with its "bringing back" meaning; Fortuna Redux was trusted to bring those far from home back safely. It was the "brought back" meaning that made its way into English. Redux belongs to a small class of English adjectives that are always used postpositively—that is, they always follow the words they modify. Redux has a history of showing up in titles of English works, such as John Dryden's Astraea Redux (a 17th-century poem on the happy restoration and return of the majestic Charles the Second), Anthony Trollope's 19th-century Phineas Redux, and John Updike's 20th-century Rabbit Redux.
Zarathustra72 wrote on August 23, 2022
Stefan74.... Thanks for reminding me of this. I had forgotten. Well, I am sure we are not going to get anything from FTD but Audio and likely No Video. However, Maybe we can get more in Audio Form than the Legacy Label will be releasing??? We all know there is much, much more that can be released than even the 4 Live Shows and the Rehearsals..... "If someone would just do it" Anything contained in Video, can be served to us in Audio Form. So, hopefully also, FTD, if they do release something, won't be duplicating in any way the upcoming Legacy Package. There's not much of the year left and Ernst will does not have much time left if FTD is going to actually release something. I am sure we will All not forget that Baz recently told us he definitely has access to the TTWII and EOT Footage, so there's no backing out now.