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Unpleasant Surprise

June 19, 2022 | Other

Just home from a - long waited for - fantastic holiday we found an unpleasant email in our box.

This unpleasant surprise came from a company that collects money for copyright holders of pictures, COPYTRACK. We used a picture over a decade ago that was copyright protected, without knowing it. We removed the picture immediately, but that did not help. They want to see money, otherwise they start legal action.

There is one thing that we really don't need: legal hassle about our hobby. Anyway, the site costs enough to keep it up, both in money and effort, so we hope you want to contribute to this 'fine'. If not, we know where we stand ;-).

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The Swamp Fox wrote on June 15, 2022
I was happy to send a little something. I have enjoyed this site for many years.
Milky White Way wrote on June 15, 2022
Copyright is a mine field and mistakes can easily be made. You are part of my daily routine and deserving of help in this matter. Thanks for all you do
Loesje wrote on June 16, 2022
Thank you so much guys! It was an honest mistake (11 years ago) and we tried to settle it in a friendly way, but unfortunately that isn't enough ;(
Gorse2 wrote on June 18, 2022
I really enjoy this site and the effort that is put in by the 'team'. Happy to contribute but how about first calling their bluff - common sense might prevail and it often works when comparative small amounts are involved - assuming my latter statement is correct.
Lex wrote on June 19, 2022
That was my first reaction too, Gorse2, but since it is a European company it is very easy to start a legal procedure (debt collector) against us, which will only make it more expensive.
Pachakuti! wrote on June 20, 2022
Did you secretly get to be a millionaire by sharing this photo? Even when you buy DVD's properly, you are being threatened with copyright laws (it got worse over time). This is not in proportion.