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Big Mama Demolished

April 22, 2022 | Other

To promote the upcoming movie Elvis by Luhrman, Dojo Cat released Vegas, a modern destruction of the classic version of Big Mama Thornton's Hound Dog.

Pachakuti! wrote on April 22, 2022
Not much a fan of Illuminati tryin' Elvis When I saw the headline with rape it was still a bit awkward though
Gorse2 wrote on April 23, 2022
Yes the title makes me uncomfortable but if this is what is needed to get a new generation interested then so be it. This 'rap' thing has been running for many years, has millions of followers and is not going away soon. Has never rung my bell and never will, but then again does that matter if Elvis music wins out in the end from the hopeful success of this film
PageBoy wrote on April 23, 2022
A drum and bass (?) remix of an ancient recording by Big Mama Thornton 'promotes' an Elvis Presley biopic in some way. Let me have a think about that...🤔
JMELVIS wrote on April 24, 2022
Hi. I honestly don’t get it. Can anyone explain the link between this (c)RAP(e) -pun intended- with the King and the Elvis biopic ? + I am from France and had never heard of this « Dojo cat » before .
Milky White Way wrote on April 24, 2022
JMELVIS I can only think they are trying to lure in young people to have a look at the movie. If that’s the music they’re into, they will get a shock when they watch this. (They will be truly educated into real music however).
theoldscudder wrote on April 26, 2022
Gorse2 This will not get the newer generation interested in Elvis. That train has left the station. Elvis will have a faithful fan base for years to come but it will eventually become smaller as the. Older fans pass on. Anyway what’s the big deal you enjoyed him. That should be splice enough for you.
Steve V wrote on April 27, 2022
In 1985, the Blue Suede Shoes video with Carl Perkins (yes on MTV!) and The Rocker LP were supposed to get a younger generation into Elvis. In the 1990's some nice restoration of his catalog with stellar CD releases were supposed to do the same (and at the same time giving his catalog releases that made sense). In 2002, the NBC Special Elvis Lives with contemporary artists and the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch again were supposed to do the same. Again years later another TV special with J Lo, Shawn Mendes and others were again supposed to do the same and boost record sales. As the theoldscudder says, that train has left the station. This wont happen as young people have their own idols and quite frankly wont get into 60 year old music which they think is from the pre-historic age. And really, who cares.
Gorse2 wrote on April 27, 2022
Reference the oldscudder and Steve V, yes I understand what you are both saying and agree with most of what you say. I don't expect an earthquake in entertainment terms but reactors, many non fans have reacted very favourably to the trailer, specifically our black brothers who appreciate the nod finally given to the gospel influences of his youth. As many have said who have reacted to him on individual songs, they now realise he just wasn't an icon, or a distant being, but a very talented all round singer who had great charisma etc. and this project will I hope get others to know a bit more about him and perhaps appreciate the unique talent that he was Yes, like you I have enjoyed him for many years and that will continue to be the case.