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Elvis August 56, Hollywood Bound

March 17, 2022 | Book

Elvis biographer Paul Belard announced the upcoming release of his latest escape 'Elvis August 56, Hollywood Bound'.

The description: On August 16, Elvis flew to Los Angeles to star in his first movie. He was welcomed at the airport by a group of fans, some of whom carried banners inscribed “Elvis for President”.

He stayed at the Knickerbocker Hotel. There, photographer Ed Braslaff took multiple pictures of Elvis in a variety clothing, or lack thereof, in his room and on the roof of the hotel. Most pictures were published in the book 'Elvis 1956 Reflections'.

On the 24th, while on the set, Elvis recorded three of the songs that would appear in the film. Preliminary work began on the 25th. At that time, the film was still titled 'The Reno Brothers'.

In late August, Debra Paget and Elvis were interviewed by Jules Archer. Archer was an American author of many books on U.S. history, political events, and personalities. The interview titled 'Stop Hounding Teenagers!' appeared in the magazine Writer’s Digest in November 1956. 
It is one of the best articles written about Elvis. Towards the end of the interview, to the question, “Elvis, do you think that your popularity with teenagers could be harnessed to fight delinquency and to keep kids on the right path”, Elvis replies: “I’d be right proud to help any way I could to influence kids to do the right thing. If I can help any civic, charitable or religious drive by sending a special message, or posing for a special picture, I’ll be happy to do so. That goes for Protestants, Catholics, Jews - white or colored. We’re all God’s children, and I don’t care what a man’s color or religion is. If my influence can help people, especially teenagers, solve their problems, I hope they’ll let me help.”

At the time of this interview, Tupelo and Memphis and most of the South were still segregated. For Elvis to admit he did not care about a man’s color or religion took courage. For those who still think Elvis was a racist, this article is a must-read.

Source:Elvis Day By Day