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FTD Christmas Releases Delayed

December 17, 2021 | Book

FTD have notified dealers that 'The Making Of Jailhouse Rock' deluxe-book - and the already delayed 'Raised On Rock' double-vinyl - have not left the Denmark warehouse. This means there is no way for them to be sent to most customers in time for Christmas.

FTD's Roger Semon noted, "I have been advised this morning that warehouse orders should be completed and ready for shipping by tomorrow." The original shipping date was supposed to the the first week of December. Looks like they won't make Santa's sleigh after all!

'The Making Of Jailhouse Rock' deluxe-book price is £175 = US$250 plus postage  

FTD's David English and Pål Granlund present the in-depth backstory with a 365-page deluxe hardback book featuring many newly discovered photographs, details of deleted scenes, pages from the script, shooting schedule, memos, contracts, and cast and crew memories. 'The Making of Jailhouse Rock; The Music' is a matching 85-page book featuring photos, documents and detailed session information, including pages from a newly found MGM recording session log.

Source:Elvis Information Network
CT wrote on December 17, 2021
Does anyone know the status after the fire and if old titles will be available?
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on December 18, 2021
There goes our Xmas presents to ourselves! The status regarding old titles is that the items not destroyed by the fire suffered extensive water damage, so availability does not look good. I believe some titles are still held by dealers in the UK.
The Swamp Fox wrote on December 19, 2021
Does anyone know if these Jailhouse Rock sessions will be made available outside of this book project? It seems to me FTD should put these out to fit in with their Complete Sessions sets.
Theo wrote on December 22, 2021
Except for the instrumental Baby I Don’t Care outtakes and some outtakes that are still missing, the complete session for the Jailhouse Rock soundtrack has already been released (in binaural) on the FTD-cd’s Jailhouse Rock and Jailhouse Rock Volume 2 in 2009 and 2010 respectively.
PageBoy wrote on December 23, 2021
MRS's 5-disc set "The Complete 50's Movie Masters And Session Recordings" is £24.99 from a popular online retailer and is sensational.
Stefan74 wrote on December 29, 2021
I've got the book yesterday and haven't read all but just looked all over. Yes there is not much new music only the backing tracks of Baby I Don't Care. But what should they release when there isn't anymore. But to mention the books, one for the movie and one for the music. This is how these things should be produced. Lorentzen should try to compare with it. If the On Tour set is equaly to TTWII then we get one great set and that's not just a badge of pics and copied sheets of info thrown in. FTD and Sony have done a great job here. If only they would decide to release some DVD's. We don't need every second of film but a good set of the best.