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Legendary Earnings

November 19, 2021 | Other

Money.co.uk shared a new study with you that reveals how much money Elvis and other legendary musicians would be earning through Spotify & social media in 2021/22. 
It found that The King of Rock and Roll would be earning an estimated $1,604,033 each year, from streaming and his social posts alone!
As modern musicians make impressive sums from the likes of Spotify, Instagram and YouTube alongside their record sales and touring, the study wanted to find what legendary musicians from the 20th century would earn on these platforms. 
After estimating the earnings for each using their official accounts and specialist analysis tools, Elvis ranked as the second highest earner - just behind reggae superstar Bob Marley.

1. Bob Marley (annual earnings: $1,667,878) 
2. Elvis Presley (annual earnings: $1,604,033) 
3. David Bowie (annual earnings: $1,396,461) 
4. Frank Sinatra (annual earnings: $1,360,528) 
5. Johnny Cash (annual earnings: $1,083,196)

With more than 13 million streams of his music on Spotify every single month, and a million strong Instagram following, the study shows just how influential Elvis still is to fans both new and old. Elsewhere, the study also includes estimated earnings for stars that such as Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix.


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benny scott wrote on November 19, 2021
Legendary EARINGS ? Typo !
Lex wrote on November 19, 2021
Lol just saw it myself #sorry