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All Shook Up In Canada

July 28, 2021 | Book

Earlier this year a book by Brandon Yip, All Shook Up In Canada, was issued. It is about Presley’s tour of Canada in 1957 (April 2 in Toronto, April 3 in Ottawa and August 31 in Vancouver). The book contains interviews with legendary Vancouver DJ, Red Robinson, late Vancouver impresario, Hugh Pickett, Canadian music manager, Bruce Allen and others. As well, there are rare photos in the book and more. The book is available for purchase on Amazon; and the book is also available in several bookstores in Canada and the United States. 

PRESYER wrote on July 28, 2021
Hi there ! Could you informe me how many pages holds the new book "Elvis All Shook Up in Canada" and where I could get one copy, please ? Thanks a lot and have a nice day ! Pierre Yergeau (yepir@cgocable.ca)
benny scott wrote on July 28, 2021
Hi PRESYER : Available on Amazon USA (Amazon.Com). 231 pages, paperback, 25 USD plus shipping. Standard shipping to Canada : 7.99 usd. Best regards from Belgium, Europe.