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Mamma's Little Prince

July 05, 2021 | Book

A new novel about Elvis from Sweden, probably the first novel about Elvis' childhood and it is called 'Mama's Little Prince'.

From author Mårten Mellin, a huge Elvis fan who has published over a hundred books for children and teenagers that have been translated into various languages and also won prestigious awards in Sweden.

As described, (translated into English):

.. Tupelo, Mississippi, 1945. Elvis is ten years old and loves to sing. His mother encourages and believes in him, but at the same time she wants to protect him from all evil. They have been very close since Elvis' twin brother died. At school, Elvis is pretty lonely. He gets teased for being a mama's boy and for bursting into song as soon as he gets the chance. But there is a girl in the class who likes to hear him sing. Her name is Eloise. To her, Elvis dares to tell about his secret dream: that one day he will sing in front of thousands of people.

In Mamma's Little Prince, Mårten Melin shows evidence of a new side when he in a tender portrait brings to life the childhood idol Elvis Presley. The boy, who before the breakthrough, lived in poor conditions in a city marked by class divisions and segregation. 

This is a story about school, exclusion and your first loves. And above all: the love of music.

Source:Elvis Information Network