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On Tour Trouble

June 29, 2021 | Book
Erik Lorenzen stated that his upcoming 'On Tour' trilogy would contain "the complete and very extensive information of all shows and sessions", this would be "unique in this 1200 page edition".

Now Ernst Jørgensen reacted and stated that his personal session notes are being used without permission:

"It has come to my attention that some of my personal recording notes are being used in Erik Lorentzen’s forthcoming Elvis On Tour book.

This is disappointing; as Erik has been notified that this information is private and confidential, and prior to publication permission is required, which has not been granted.

Pål, David and myself are working on an 'Elvis On Tour' FTD release for 2022, this information will be included with this release."
Source:Elvis Day By Day
EJF wrote on June 29, 2021
I hope Lex forgives me for being slightly out of subject but I have to vent my frustration about Erik Lorenzen. As far as I'm concerned he can stick his books up his .... I've been subscribing to his "Elvis Files Magazine" since issue 1. They always arrived safely although most often they take a long time to arrive to me where I live (Malta). When my subscription ended with issue 32 I made a new one, paying €60 for the next 4 issues. This was made in September of last year. Since then I have not received one single issue. I emailed Erik several times about this but never even got the decency of a reply from him. So I'm left with €60 down the drain. Shame on him. Needless to say I will never subscribe to his magazines again, or purchase any of his books. I just hope Lex will not delete my comment in the hope that with any luck Erik night see this. Thanks.
Stefan74 wrote on July 01, 2021
That info makes it clear to me why Lorentzen is now announcing so much info in his new books. The five That's the way it is books were richly filled with pictures but in terms of info they didn't stoond a chance compared to the FTD release.
Jody wrote on July 01, 2021
Thanks EJF for raising this point about Erik’s difficulty to fullfill the Elvis Files mag subscriptions. My situation is exactly as you describe, other than I am in the US. I have not received a volume of the mag after I renewed the subscription for 4 new volumes by paying 60e at end of last year. I sent him emails, including a copy of the payment receipt. No response or acknowledgement of receipt of my messages. I allowed the benefit of doubt that corona may have delayed mail, but likely not this long. Not sure how to get my 60e back as it seems I am not getting the magazines. Hope there is a reasonable explanation though.
benny scott wrote on July 01, 2021
Mr.Lorentzen : you'd better come up with a good explanation concerning this way of handling. If this is true , I repeat IF THIS IS TRUE then honesty seems far away, unless this situation is corrected asap.
Psilopechtris wrote on July 02, 2021
LOL!!! It's ok for Mr Lorentzen to publish books as long as it does not interfere with FTD. When this happens we suddenly have an appearance by Mr. Jørgensen ''complaining'' and asking for support from fans (meaning not to purchase the unofficial On Tour books). It's funny how we never here from the top brass at FTD and all of a sudden...what goes around comes around. Now they know how it feels to get ripped off with ''previously released material''