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The Sun Sessions In Stereo

May 17, 2021 | Music

From Good Music label their new release 'Elvis The Sun Sessions In Stereo'.

Their publicity notes.. Elvis's early Sun recordings are well known to fans, but you've never heard them like this before! (yeah right)

They sound more alive and detailed, and you will discover elements of the original performances you never heard before! It becomes a brand new listening experience. 
Bonus LIVE recordings are the clearest they've ever been.
This is a superb fete of first-class engineering that adds a whole new dimension to Elvis Presley's recorded legacy. Relive the historic early days of Elvis at Sun as well as demos and live performances as he introduced rock 'n' roll to the masses.
The raw energy Presley expressed -- his native talent, creative spirit, his synthesis of R&B, Gospel and country -- captured the imagination of America and charted his meteoric rise to being the world's most enduring and iconic artist.
Now you can step inside Sam Phillips' studio in the formative early days and feel like you are there in person as The King was born! 22 great songs you will re-discover in STEREO!
This CD utilizes the new "DES" (Digitally Extracted Stereo) audio technology to transform classic monaural recordings into stereo.

Source:Elvis Information Network
Lex wrote on May 17, 2021
Gorse2 wrote on May 17, 2021
Well it sounds very appealing but then again so do many scams.
benny scott wrote on May 18, 2021
Oh NO, for heaven's sake !!! Next : My Happiness & That's When Your Heartaches Begin in QUADRO-Stereo ???
wildfishie wrote on May 18, 2021
Fake stereo has become rampant now. Get a mono source, pan different frequencies and there you have it: a complete BS. I always prefer a stereo recording over a mono one, but fake stereo is a no no. Even MRS has fallen into this unfortunate trend with their "First Engagements 69-70" hoping the stereo claim would be believed. I expect FTD never to do this foolish gimmick. I hope serious labels such as Straight Arrow, Audionics, etc keep going strong. There's where real quality is.
PageBoy wrote on May 19, 2021
DES technology is employed for this album. Algorithms are used to separate the component sounds of the mono recording and they are reassembled in a bona fide stereo mix. The results are extremely impressive and open up all kinds of possibilities, such as the Jordanaires being reigned in on 'Hound Dog' and the screaming girls being eliminated from the 1968 NBC TV Special 'sitting down' sessions. There is a taster of this CD on a popular video website, where you may also want to search 'Elvis Mono To Stereo' to find brilliant, crystal clear stereo mixes of 'I Was The One' and 'Mystery Train'.
benny scott wrote on May 19, 2021
I listened to the 10:05 taster mentioned by PageBoy. Crystal clear stereo mixes : yep ! Technical masterpiece : yep ! Original SUN-sound : completely gone of course. Maybe I'm old-fashioned (and at my age that shouldn't be surprising), but give me that good old original sound that cannot be replaced by anything ! Anyway, to each his own, so if you like it : enjoy , but it's really not my cup of tea.