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Walk A Lonely Street

December 14, 2020 | Book

A stunning new book from author Tony Plews, 'Walk A Lonely Street: Elvis Presley, Country Music & The True Story of Heartbreak Hotel' is a unique volume that tells the tale of Elvis Presley’s rise to fame as viewed through the lens of his era-defining first hit record, “Heartbreak Hotel”. Presented as a series of consecutive short stories, it offers a new perspective on Presley’s musical and cultural achievements, and reveals the true and dramatic saga behind the breakthrough song that launched his career and changed the world.

• Published week beginning 14th December 2020 via Amazon
• £17.99 + postage
• The in-depth story of Elvis Presley’s rise to fame, as viewed through the lens of “Heartbreak Hotel”
• An Elvis Presley book like no other
• Almost a decade of research, writing and revisions
• 200,000 words, 700 pages and 563 tales to be told
• 33 photographs, documents and articles, most previously unpublished or unseen since the 1950s
• A chapter devoted to every Presley recording session 1953-1956
• Made with the assistance of the families and estates of Tommy Durden, Mae Boren Axton, Agnes Sampson and Delta Pinney, including the only living witness to the event that inspired the songwriters

Source:Elvis Information Network
Pinkie wrote on December 17, 2020
Looks great. However, even though self-published through Amazon, I can't find it there. A real shame.
Gorse wrote on December 19, 2020
Not a great fan of Elvis books other than those with pure facts and figures, but this one looks to have real promise and is quite tempting !!!
CJS wrote on January 24, 2021
Great book, reading it currently. Full of fascinating stories and interesting to see how the different strings came together culminating in what would be the famos revolution in music history as we know it. Reading the story of the creation of “That’s All Right” I was having goose bumps ... Highly recommended to everyone who is interested un music history and of course in C&W and Elvis in particular!