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His First Christmas Album In Stereo

September 22, 2020 | Music

The Good Music label will release the CD "Elvis - Hist First Christmas Album In Stereo", another winner!


Santa Claus Is Back In Town - White Christmas - Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane) - I'll Be Home For Christmas - Blue Christmas - Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me) - Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem - Silent Night - (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) - I Believe - Take My Hand, Precious Lord - It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)

Bonus Songs

Love Me - Lonesome Cowboy - I Need You So - Loving You - Playing For Keeps - True Love - My Wish Came True - Old Shep

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
mikael69 wrote on September 22, 2020
first time i notic that he s wearing winter gloves in the house
Psilopechtris wrote on September 22, 2020
Another top-seller (lol) If you look closely the head doesn't match the rest of the picture perhaps just badly photo-shopped.
Cruiser621 wrote on September 22, 2020
Reminds me of double tracked mono songs for echo aka stereo? Not!
Cruiser621 wrote on September 22, 2020
RCA Victor tried this in the early 1960's... Really did not work on most they tried..
Gorse wrote on September 23, 2020
While agreeing with previous comments I think the unrelated bonus songs don't do any favours for this release. Assuming legal reasons allow, a few relative Christmas duets would be much better, or nothing at all.
TheMemphisFan wrote on September 24, 2020
Cruiser621, these new mono-to-stereo mixes sound much, much better & cleaner than the old "stereo effect reprocessed from monophonic" releases from the 1960s. There's no comparison.
japio wrote on September 25, 2020
Again a fake stereo cd. Done by a tool thats called spleeter and can be also done online. You can separate Drums,others ( mostly instruments), Drums,Vocals and Bass. Then you get all in separate tracks and can be panned in the free tool Mixpas 9 or audition). But still its not real stereo. In stereo is instrumens on the left ,elvis in the mid, backingvocals right. On this and his previous release. The backing vocals are still in the middle with elvis.Thers also a different way. Split it with spectral layers( altough it's very expensive software) and you can extract some parts even the backing vocals and then pan it all to antoher channell. Voicemaster used spleeter tool.