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A Plan of God

June 17, 2020 | Book

Darrin Memmer wrote another book (ISBN 1973753456). Here is the press release:

"The soft cover 'ELVIS, "A Plan of God" & SUN: The Magic of Without You' by Darrin Memmer has been released. Based on months of rigorous research, access to primary source materials, and interviews with those who were there at the time, the book provides fascinating, new information and never-before-seen archival documents about Elvis’ 12th grade Carnival Variety Show performance and Sun Studio recordings.
The front cover of this 264-page, 6x9 soft cover dramatically takes you back to the Lauderdale Courts on January 8, 1953. The precise moment in time when a Boy from Tupelo turned eighteen years old and purposefully began his transition to an entertainer of renown in Memphis.

Highlights of this new release include: "Without You" lyrics and music chart handwritten on 2 pages within a Peters’ Blank Music Book. This previously-unseen document courtesy Rose Clayton.

Twenty-five pages devoted to the "real story" of which Mildred Scrivener-produced talent show Elvis appeared on (and won) at Humes High Two long-form interviews about Elvis’ appearance on the Humes High talent show: "Elvis In Red" At The Humes Variety Show in '53 with Buzzy Forbess, and Elvis' Audition and Humes Variety Show in '53 with Mary Ruth Forbess. Incredibly, Ms. Forbess reveals that Elvis had to audition to appear on the show!

John W. Heath authentic ticket for Humes High School Carnival Presents "The Variety Show," March 27, 1953. A sweet tenth-grader attending Humes High in 1954 recounts, in detail, being at the Porter-Leath Orphanage and hearing Elvis's debut on Dewey Phillips' radio show 'Red Hot and Blue'. It is the only such memory to ever be printed! Confirmation by Jud Phillips that Marion Keisker, not his brother, Sam, recorded Elvis' first demo The back story to the "Elvis at 18" photo taken by his mother, Ms. Presley A fresh examination of Elvis, Big Mama Thornton, and the recording of "Hound Dog" Two chapters, "A Music Man Like Nobody Ever Saw" and "Folk Music Fireball", bring you an amazing 30 pages of SUN 209 knowledge

Darrin Memmer's 'ELVIS, "A Plan of God" & SUN: The Magic of Without You' devotes sixteen pages to the Jimmy Sweeney demo "Without You" (a passion of Chris Kennedy to be made available as a full-length album by Org Music in August 2020) and why it was EP’s magic moment at Sun Records. This book is published In Memory of Marion Keisker and dedicated to Mr. Buzzy Forbess."

Source:Elvis Club Berlin