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The Guitar Player Worth A Damn

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, November 24, 2019 | Video

Venus woke me up with their latest release, with the focus on the 1972-documentary On Tour. Is it a book? Is it a DVD? Or is it a CD-set? As a matter of fact it’s all three. The book carries a DVD and 2 CDs. The DVD contains an alternate documentary, the CDs 2 shows from the April 1972-tour, one not released before and the book is a great container for them.


The design is super. The front has a nice effect with a ‘glossy’ Elvis on a mat background. The same effect is used on Elvis’ guitar at the back. Upon opening the book you’ll find the DVD in a plastic sleeve. It carries a print that fits the page, another nice touch. The 200+ pages filled with many, many pictures, both full colour and black and white. A lot of them were new to me.

The text puts the material in context, but is sometimes annoying to read, because all the master and/or release numbers are included between brackets. If would have been better if they were in a separate index. Another minor complaint is that some pages are a bit messy regarding the layout.


To me the DVD was main reason to get the package. I have a lot of the material scattered over a pile of DVDs, but I hardly play them. The idea of having it as a kind of alternative documentary seemed nice, so I asked Sinterklaas, who just had arrived in The Netherlands, for it. He immediately sent one of his real black Pete’s to deliver it. Great guy that Klaas is!

Anyway, the DVD is what I hoped for. No audible Kahane (!), pretty decent image quality, great sound quality and all in a nice chronological flow. The comparison video on Youtube doesn’t do this release justice. The image is not as red as it seems on Youtube. I can only say I really enjoyed it from the first to the last second.

Of the 2CDs the first (Greensboro) is described as a bonus, in an alternate mix. This turned out to be a lot of echo, as if you are in a stadium. I can do the same effect on my receiver and now I know again why I never use it. I’ll stick to one of the many great releases of this show on my shelves.

The second CD is the afternoon show in Hampton Roads on April 9, 1972. Never released before, restored from the original tape of the audience recording. Well, I have heard worse audience recordings, but also many better. The show itself is good, but not outstanding compared to the shows of this tour we already have.


It is a great thing the alarm bells went off for this Book/DVD/2CD-set. Especially the DVD made me a happy boy. Thumbing through the book while listening to the second CD was a nice way to spend the Sunday afternoon too!

Track listing DVD

Intro - Johnny B. Goode (Rehearsal)
Always On My Mind (Rehearsal)
Big Hunk O’ Love (Rehearsal)
Burning Love (Rehearsal)
Heartbreak Hotel (Rehearsal)
Hound Dog (Rehearsal)
I, John (Rehearsal)
Bosom Of Abraham (Rehearsal)
Mystery Train (Montage)
Interviews / Backstage
Also Sprach Zarathustra
See See Rider (April 18, 1972)
Love Me (April 9, 1972 ES)
Until It’s Time For You To Go (April 14, 1972)
Release Me (April 14, 1972)
A Big Hunk ‘O Love (April 14, 1972)
Burning Love (April 14, 1972)
For The Good Times (April 9, 1972 ES)
How Great Thou Art (April 9, 1972 ES)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (April 14, 1972)
Funny How Time Slips Away (April 14, 1972)
An American Trilogy (April 14, 1972)
Can’t Help Falling In Love (April 9, 1972)
Closing Vamp / Announcements
For The Good Times - End Credits
Interview With George Klein - Bonus
Interview With Vernon Presley - Bonus
Interview With Elvis - Bonus
Rehearsal, April 5, 1972 - Bonus

Track listing CD 1 – Greensboro, April 14, 1972

01 Also Sprach Zarathustra
02 See See Rider
03 Proud Mary
04 Never Been To Spain
05 You Gave Me A Mountain
06 Until It’s Time For You To Go
07 Polk Salad Annie
08 Love Me
09 All Shook Up
10 Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel
11 Hound Dog
12 Heartbreak Hotel
13 A Big Hunk O’ Love
14 Bridge Over Troubled Water
15 Suspicious Minds
16 Love Me Tender
17 Band Introductions
18 For The Good Times
19 American Trilogy
20 Burning Love
21 Release Me
22 Funny How Time Slips Away
23 Can’t Help Falling In Love /
Closing Vamp

Track listing CD 2 – Hampton Roads AS, April 9, 1972:

01 Also Sprach Zarathustra
02 See See Rider
03 Proud Mary
04 Never Been To Spain
05 You Gave Me A Mountain
06 Until It’s Time For You To Go
07 Polk Salad Annie
08 Love Me
09 All Shook Up
10 Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel
11 Jailhouse Rock
12 One Night
13 Hound Dog
14 Help Me Make It Through The Night
15 Bridge Over Troubled Water
16 Love Me Tender (+ 1 false start)
17 Suspicious Minds
18 Band Introductions
19 An American Trilogy
20 Heartbreak Hotel
21 For The Good Times
22 How Great Thou Art
23 Lawdy Miss Clawdy (incomplete)
24 A Big Hunk Of Love
25 Funny How Time Slips Away
26 Can’t Help Falling In Love /
Closing Vamp
(This show is previously unreleased)