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Sam Theaker / Vic Colonna Passed Away

March 28, 2018 | People

For the true fan the Elvis world goes way beyond the endless RCA ‘Greatest Hit’ compiles. In the mists of time these vinyl bootlegs were stunning classics, ‘Behind Closed Doors’, ‘The ’68 Comeback’, ‘From The Waist Up’ and so many more all featuring unreleased classic Elvis recordings. Sam Theaker aka Vic Colonna was one of the great names from this mysterious world that many fans will recall. It was the popularity of Elvis Bootlegs that paved the way for Ernst & Roger to create the ‘FTD’ Fan Club label. Sam Theaker was an essential part of the ELVIS legacy but sadly has been battling cancer over the last few years and unfortunately never saw his brilliant book about the exciting world of Elvis bootlegs published. Last week Sam Theaker passed away, a great loss to us all.

Source:Elvis Information Network
EJF wrote on March 28, 2018
So sad to hear of Sam/Vic's passing away. I still have all the bootlegs mentioned above, plus other, excellent (for those times) releases. I would say it was him who opened the way for other 'sources,' and eventually FTD, to start releasing all the stuff we fans craved for. Rest In Peace Sam.
PRESYER wrote on March 28, 2018
God bless Mr Theaker. I had so much pleasure to purchase, receive and play every record that he released. It was always a great excitement. Thanks a lot to you ! You made us happy and happier !
jean michel wrote on March 29, 2018
Sad news indeed . Got my first import vinyls thanks to him at a time when there was no internet , no PayPal. He is part of my memories as a collector. RIP.