Elvis female co-star from "Blue Hawaii", Joan Blackman working on her autobiography, "Men and Me". From this in-progress autobiography, four photo scrapbooks, highlighting "E and Me", are taken. ...more
Updated: May 21, 2000
Elvis Presley left a confused recorded legacy. Robert Baird explores that legacy and listens to new reissues of the works Elvis laid down on tape between 1960 and 1972.
In the May 2000 issue of...more
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: May 21, 2000
On May 22th this DVD will be released in the U.K.
Through photos, stock footage, and film trailer clips, Elvis: The Complete Story offers a chronological survey of the life and movie career of "The...more
Updated: May 21, 2000
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Sam Philips A&E Special which will be aired on June 18 in America. The 80 minutes special is titled "Sam Phillips:The Man Who Invented Rock & Roll"
It's a story about how Sam did his best to find...more
Source: Alt.Elvis.King / Updated: May 21, 2000
"Aloha From Hawaii" holds the 26th place on Billboard's Top Music Videos Chart on the May 20 charts.
Source: Billboard / Updated: May 21, 2000
The Dutch Elvis For Everyone Fan club organizes an Elvis meeting on May 28th. For this meeting a special CD will be made, "Elvis Millennium". The actual release has been set for two weeks after the...more
Source: For CD Collectors Only / Updated: May 21, 2000
Australia's New South Wales Lottery is about to launch MDI Entertainment's Elvis Promotion. The Elvis lottery leaps to the global stage today as Australia's New South Wales Lottery launches its...more
Source: Elvis Unlimited / Updated: May 21, 2001
Fine Arts Brokerage.com is holding an online auction on it's website which continues through May 30th, includes items from Rock & Roll's golden era as well as an assortment of objects representing...more
Source: Fine Arts Brokerage / Updated: May 21, 2001
At the home of the king of Rock-n-Roll, African-American employees say they are singing the blues. Black employees at Graceland are picketing in front of the mansion, to let people know they feel the...more
Source: Email / Updated: May 21, 2002
On Worldwide Elvis we found the cover Art for the next Follow That Dream Release "The Spring Tours '77".
Source: World Wide Elvis / Updated: May 21, 2002
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Good news from the English readers. English actor/singer/songwriter Kevin Kennedy is the subject of a documentary/television special. Included will be filming a guest performance by him and his band...more
Source: EPE - Elvis Presley Enterprises / Updated: May 21, 2002
On the D.J. Fontana site a small announcement was made that the upcoming book, coming out June 1st. will contain a CD. The content isn't available yet.
Source: Elvis Today, Tomorrow & Forever / Updated: May 21, 2002
EPGold.com and Essential Elvis are pleased to announced an exclusive in-depth interview with Joan Blackman, Elvis' girlfriend and movie co-star (Blue Hawaii and Kid Galahad). Both Elvis organization...more
Source: ECG / Updated: May 21, 2002
On ElvisWorld Japan you can read a 'chat' with David Cassidy on a conversation he had with Elvis. He thought it was a joke, but Elvis was calling him for a meeting because the young Lisa Marie was a...more
Source: Elvis World Japan / Updated: May 21, 2002
On ElvisClub Berlin we found some new books coming out this year. From most only the title and author is available. Some new and possible interesting titles are "Elvis And His Pelvis" from Michael...more
Source: Elvis Club Berlin / Updated: May 21, 2002
Today we received Club Elvis magazine from the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club From Spain. This edition has reviews on CD's, Books and DVD's, interviews with artists and fans.
Source: Magazines: Club Elvis / Updated: May 21, 2002
You may remember the request voting for the UK's favourite number one of all time? Well great news Jailhouse Rock is currently number 10 which is amazing as on the whole it is a younger crowd voting....more
Source: Email / Updated: May 21, 2002
Last week E.I.N. announced some exclusive news. Yesterday they had the news on-line and it turned to be about on two 78 Records containing a live recording from the early 50's, claiming it might even...more
Updated: May 21, 2002
Elvis, King Of the World is a festival from the Belgian fan club United Elvis Presley Society in the Casino in Knokke on October 18 2003. On Stage you'll find: René Shuman and band (Holland, Terry...more
Source: The United Elvis Presley Society / Updated: May 21, 2003
Singer Jake Hess, who appeared with Elvis on the 'How Great Thou Art' album and with his group The Imperials backed Elvis on numerous ocassions, is currently in hospital. He has had problems with his...more
Source: ECG / Updated: May 21, 2003
Plus TV in the U.K is running a series of Elvis classics, such as Blue Hawaii, King Creole etcetera over the coming weeks on the digital channel Plus TV. They have all sorts of Elvis goodies to...more
Source: Email / Updated: May 21, 2003
Barry Levinson is set to direct The Colonel and Me, a Warner Bros. film about the mentoring influence that Elvis Presley manager Col. Tom Parker had on producer Jerry Weintraub. Variety says Bo...more
Source: Yahoo News / Updated: May 21, 2003
It's easy to make fun of country music. The stereotypical music about the tough life of the common person: drinkin' and lovin' and fightin' and ridin', tributes to dogs and trains and America and...more
Source: Yahoo News / Updated: May 21, 2003
BMG UK And IRELAND announces multiple CD, DVD and single releases to commemorate historic "50th Anniversary Of Rock And Roll, July 5TH, 1954-2004". The new releases include a vinyl single for "That's...more
Source: BMG UK / Updated: May 21, 2004
The "That's All Right (Mama)" 50th anniversary single from BMG Heritage can be pre-ordered. Both the U.S. and Australian version are available on-line. The cover shown comes from the BMG press...more
Source: Various / Updated: May 21, 2004
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