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Elvis signed an amended one-year agreement with Bob Neal from which Neal would receive a 15 percent management fee.
Elvis performed at the Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia at.4.30, 7,18 and 10.06 p.m. for the second day. He was paid $1,831.54, what was 50% of the net proceeds, for the 2-day engagement.
Elisabeth Stefaniak left, presumably to visit her parents, but in fact met Rex Mansfield and the 2 of them decided to marry secretly, sending Elvis an invitation to their wedding on June 4. Neither one of them ever saw Elvis again.
Principal photography began on Harum Scarum. Joe Esposito, whom was fired by Elvis on the ride home to Memphis in August 1964 returned to the group to become "coforeman" with Marty Lacker.
Elvis was still in Palm Springs, recuperating from his fall, so wasn't able to attend the wedding between Jerry Schilling and Sandy Kawelo.
Elvis filmed scenes for Live A Little, Love A Little at Marineland. The Presley's hired Bernard and Rene Sinclair as butler and cook for their new Hillcrest home.
Elvis arrived in Nashville for a session at RCA's Studio B. Priscilla flew to California to supervise the redecorating of the new house. Everybody hoped for the same success of the previous year, but there were problems from the start. Finally Elvis called the session off, at 1.30 a.m. because of discomfort in his eye.
Elvis performed at the Stokely Athletic Center, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee at 2.30 and 8.30 p.m.
Elvis traveled to Las Vegas by plane, while his belongings were delivered to the Las Vegas Hilton.
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