The Elvis Presley of the mid 1970s bore little resemblance to the lean rock icon of the 1950s and early 1960s. As the seventies progressed and his addictions and weight spiraled upward, he would increasingly put less effort into his recordings and live performances. By the time of his death in 1977, in many ways, he had become a caricature of himself. Despite all this, his voice remained strong and thus there are some gems to by culled from his 70’s music.more
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The seventeenth single from the re-issue series is “Way Down”, the last of the "old" singles in this #1 re-issue series. The single hit #1 originally on August 13, 1977, three days before Elvis death.more
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We know Elvis rehearsed a lot, many rehearsals are released, and several rank high in the fan’s favorites lists. Now a CD came out with songs Elvis and his band did not rehearse. Can it be a fan’s favorite too?more
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Since this show was an "historic" event it is interesting for all fans. The quality is O.K. regarding the source, but not better than video's of this show which are also available.more
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Since the JAT release of this show is very hard to get this is a nice chance to buy a piece of history for your collection, but just like the first DVD release of this show, it is expensive.more
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Issued a few months ago, but still pretty fresh, is the FTD book ‘Welcome Home Elvis 1960’.more
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Elvis Presley was born into obscurity Jan. 8, 1935, in a two-room shack in Tupelo, Miss. On Aug. 16, 1977, he died alone, age 42, in his gated estate in Memphis. He hasn't been lonely since.more
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There is only one thing I don’t like about this CD: it’s too short! Make sure you have have it in your collection. And for those who have it in their collection … listen to it again: it’s one of the best!more
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This time we review a website with at least one feature, the Elvis site with the longest name. Too bad you don't get points for that.more
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Venus released a CD with only 2 songs: Solitaire and Moody Blue, recorded in the Jungle room, hence the title Welcome To The Jungle.more
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A couple of weeks ago this 2CD set was released on the Savoy-label. It contains mainly recordings from the April 1975 Tour, including "the never before released soundboard recording of the April 28, 1975 Lakeland (Fl) Show".more
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We found this posting on Alt Elvis King, it's fitting for this week so we added it. According to the book "Elvis: Day By Day", this is what Elvis Presley did on this day in history...more
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Is Sony really ignoring Elvis?more
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On the bottom there is always this small link: "about" where the people behind the scenes use to hide themselves :) My curiosity was born and I want to know: who are those guys (or girls?) who are working so hard.more
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Byebye 2004, welcome 2005! And with the new year I am honored to introduce a new, regular column in Written by yours faithfully.more
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Released on the X-entertainment label is the CD "What Now My Love" with the unreleased performance of February 23, 1973, Closing Night.more
Updated: Dec 5, 2005
FTD just released What Now My Love, The Midnight Shows August 1972. The 2CD contains (as expected) the midnight shows from August 11 and 12. Both shows have seen the day of light in more or less classic bootlegs: Fort Baxters Elvis At Full Blast and Madison's Hot August Night.more
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No one can doubt that for Elvis’ legacy, and for the members of the official Elvis Presley Fan Club who made it happen it has been an amazing start to 2005 with Elvis dominating the singles chart for almost half a year. The Concert is still a success, but what for the future?more
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Perhaps it all boils down to the fact that 25 years after his death, the seemingly never-ending well of unreleased Elvis music is finally drying up. It begins to look as if the best finds from the vaults has already seen the light of day.more
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We decided to create our own domain-name and really hire the webspace we use. To us sounds like a name easy to remember and we hope it will work.more
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A couple of weeks ago I received a copy of Jerry Weintraub’s When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead. Was it worth reading?more
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How to review this audio book by Chris Hutchins, a former journalist and tourmanager who was there when it happened. It is published as a book, but comes as a 3 CD set.more
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The second release from the ReelTracks import label is out; did they continue the great start they had with “You’ll Never Walk Alone”?more
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The cover art of this CD is not very original, but done with taste. It will certainly appeal to the average public. But when in the mood for Christmas songs at all most fans might prefer "If Every Day", because that one contains only Christmas-songs.more
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Elvis Presley Enterprises recently send out their annual Christmas card to the Presidents of the officially recognized fan clubs as their "thank you".more
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