Dennis van Tiel, publisher of the Dutch magazine Almost In Elvis, wrote a historical novel based on the life of Elvis Presley: Jaarringen van een koning (Growth rings of a King).more
Updated: Jul 3, 2020
The "Jailhouse Rock" soundtrack has finally been released from the prisonvaults of RCA.more
Updated: Oct 2, 2009 Shop
Several months after the CD release, FTD released a special vinyl edition of Jailhouse Rock.more
Updated: May 15, 2010 Shop
Released in Malaysia is a DVD with the colorized version of “Jailhouse Rock”. The label says “produced under license”.more
Updated: Feb 22, 2005
When one mentions Elvis Presley musicals, the typical thing that comes to mind is a frothy, inconsequential little romance slapped together with little care, with Elvis playing a laid-back, carefree character with a heart of gold, singing songs for no apparent reason. Since the mold that formed that cliché hadn't been made yet in 1957, however, Jailhouse Rock manages to be both an unusual entry in Presley's filmography as well as a frequently powerful character study that includes its songs as a natural part of its story.more
Updated: Sep 27, 2007 Shop
Last week the new FTD pile arrived: four CDs and a 2LP-set. I picked the one I was looking forward to the most first: Jailhouse Rock.more
Updated: Dec 18, 2010 Shop
The new and enthusiastic Belgian fan club Elvis Matters organized its first meeting. And to make a good start they invited James Burton to come to Mol, Belgium.more
Updated: Oct 12, 2003
Last Monday, March 19, he was inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in the "Sidemen"-category, a well-deserved honour, which should be followed for the rest of the TCB-band soon.more
Updated: Mar 25, 2001
Originally released in South Africa in 1957 is the sought after “Janis And Elvis” E.P. that was deleted shortly after its initial release. It is available again in a limited edition (300 copies) modern format. Will this edition become a much sought after Elvis release too?more
Updated: Jun 24, 2007
Last week we had an EmaiIInterview with Joe Franklin. In that interview Joe said that he had Elvis on his TV show in 1955.more
Updated: Oct 30, 2001
A couple of weeks ago, Elvis’s 1970-1977 conductor Joe Guercio visited Belgium on invitation by the Belgian Fanclub ElvisMatters. On that occasion, Joe answered questions, sent in by the subscribers of
Updated: Jul 11, 2004
This week we take a look at an Elvis related website, the John Wilkinson Website, by Mr. Wilkinson's' official consent. Nice to see that the site for this musician is "made in Belgium".more
Updated: Sep 11, 2000
We got an email from Robin Stevens with some great stories from Johnny Cash on meeting Elvis, seeing Elvis perform and playing together with Elvis and the "Million Dollar Quartet".more
Updated: Feb 21, 2002
The first impression is overwhelming: when you enter Jordan’s Elvisworld you can see Jordan puts a lot of effort in his site, there are over twenty items in the menu.more
Updated: Sep 13, 1999
A couple of weeks ago we offered you the opportunity to mail us your questions for Julie Mundy, author of the new book "Elvis Fashion - From memphis To Vegas".more
Updated: Nov 18, 2003 Shop
Earlier this month this book by Steve Rino and Bob Rush was issued. Is it a must?more
Updated: Apr 27, 2011 Shop
All in all, this compilation CD is the best buy for those who wants to move one level up from the beginners to full-fledged supporters of Elvis music even if he or she is not a type who dashes to every election campaign stops just to see Jun-chan (nicknammore
Updated: Sep 6, 2001 Shop
This CD focuses on Elvis gospel recordings, providing us with out-takes of 19 songs and an excerpt from "Elvis Answers Back".more
Updated: Dec 15, 2000 Shop
All in all this special is a nice addition to one’s collection. When you are tired of thumbing through it, you can always use the marvelous picture at the back (Vegas 1969) as a poster.more
Updated: Aug 25, 2002
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