Quite some time passed between the original announcement and the actual release of this CD, a re-release of the “Live In Virginia” CD from the Vicky label, was it worth the wait?more
Updated: Dec 17, 2004
After hours and hours of “On Tour” and “That’s The Way It Is” footage surfaced we knew we could expect a sh*tload of import releases on DVD and CD. We were right on the DVDs, not the CDs. Until now only the CD “Happy Days” with material from “That’s The Way It Is” saw the light of day. Are we happy?more
Updated: Jan 16, 2006
Overall Elvis knew how to play the largest crowd he did ever, and it sounds like he was having a good time. This audience recording is in better quality than the vinyl version of this show, "Changing Pants"more
Updated: Nov 10, 2001
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Reissue number 8 in the second series of Elvis hits that originally did not make it to the #1 spot, but now reenter the charts in the U.K. and other European countries.more
Updated: Sep 23, 2007
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The second set of previously deleted soundtracks albums was re-released on the Follow That Dream label as part of the label’s program to keep Elvis catalogue available for fans.more
Updated: Dec 1, 2003
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Elvis really had fun on February 3 1970. His performance was really powerful and he still had the enthousiasm of the early days back on stage. A good show to listen to, even in this not so good quality.more
Updated: Oct 22, 2002
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For the first time in a long, long time I fell for a DVD with amateur footage. Was it against better knowing? Well to be honest, I mainly bought it because the Japanese TV part, which I used to have on video…more
Updated: Jan 9, 2007
This series can be a good introduction of Elvis in the Christian stores, gaining a new public, and in return a nice way to introduce that public to Elvis.more
Updated: Mar 10, 2001
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Part 1 of the interview with Ger Rijff based on questions from the visitors of both The For Elvis CD Collectors Only and ElvisNews websites.more
Updated: Mar 14, 2005
Part two of the “interview” with Ger Rijff, based on questions from visitors of both the For CD Collectors Only and ElvisNews websites.more
Updated: Mar 25, 2005
Elvis returned in early April 1972 with his third and last gospel album release. While He Touched Me sold slowly; it would continue to sell and eventually pass one million units sold. The album would also be a critical success, as it would win Elvis his second Grammy Award. He Touched Me continued Elvis’ passion for gospel music. His commitment to the recording process is evident as the songs are universally well performed and presented. Elvis’ personal life aside, he always had a respect for gospel music and it would show.more
Updated: Jul 25, 2008
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Late last month FTD released Elvis’ third gospel album, next to His Hand In Mine and How Great Thou Art, in the classic album series.more
Updated: Nov 6, 2011
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Brilliant, sincere, touching could all be used to describe this two part documentary and no more would need to be said but then again the purpose of a review is to give the reader an in-depth description of what is being reviewed.more
Updated: Mar 28, 1999
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The second release from the Hotdog import label is out. Is it as glorious as the title wants us to believe?more
Updated: Feb 7, 2009
Reissued on August 13, 2007 in the UK as the kick-off of a new singles reissue campaign is the classic “Heartbreak Hotel”.more
Updated: Aug 20, 2007
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The Dutch postal service released the first official Dutch Elvis stamp; to celebrate this they also released a CD with stamp in cooperation with the Dutch Elvis For Everyone fan club.more
Updated: Jun 30, 2006
Released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Elvis first nationwide #1 hit SONY / BMG re-released "Heartbreak Hotel".more
Updated: Jan 26, 2006
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Another “official” release from the Hong Kong area we found on eBay. Is it worth the few dollars these releases cost?more
Updated: Oct 25, 2005
Released on the young MFX label are two concerts from January 1971. Their previous release wasn’t very memorable, will this one be remembered?more
Updated: Jun 21, 2007
Recently released is the CD with the strange title “Hello From Dallas Via Satellite” in a very limited edition of 300 copies. Do we need it? Our conclusion is very simple, skip this one, you probably have it already.more
Updated: Sep 29, 2003
That voice coming over FM 100, the one that could be a huskier Sheryl Crow, is Lisa Marie Presley, whose single Lights Out has been getting advance spins by the station.more
Updated: Jan 16, 2003
Elvis asked Bill Belew to design a special outfit for his comeback in Las Vegas in 1969. Elvis didn’t like the normal way of dressing in Las Vegas. The most artists wore tuxedos, but Elvis wanted something different.more
Updated: Oct 30, 2002
On November 3rd, Belgium’s most popular daily paper, “Het Laatste Nieuws”, released a 12 track Elvis CD as part of the “Het Beste Van” (the best of).more
Updated: Nov 25, 2004
THE weeping fans and screaming mobs seem a universe away from the hush of a knoll at Graceland. The musical genius born in a two-room house in Tupelo, Miss., died in a kind of squalor not far along the road here, amid the wreckage of his own global fame.more
Updated: Nov 15, 2003
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The Hidden Works Of The King, a database with Elvis bootleg releases, is a good program content wise. But the program itself still needs some work to function perfectly.more
Updated: Apr 28, 2003
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