Elvis Presley was born into obscurity Jan. 8, 1935, in a two-room shack in Tupelo, Miss. On Aug. 16, 1977, he died alone, age 42, in his gated estate in Memphis. He hasn't been lonely since.more
Updated: Jan 22, 2002
This time we review a website with at least one feature, the Elvis site with the longest name. Too bad you don't get points for that.more
Updated: Sep 24, 2000
We found this posting on Alt Elvis King, it's fitting for this week so we added it. According to the book "Elvis: Day By Day", this is what Elvis Presley did on this day in history...more
Updated: Jan 1, 2002
We decided to create our own domain-name and really hire the webspace we use. To us ElvisNews.com sounds like a name easy to remember and we hope it will work.more
Updated: Nov 8, 1999
For 27 years, the mother says she has remained silent, watching over and over as her daughter showed up in photographs on a motorcycle with Elvis Presley.more
Updated: Jan 9, 2000
They were telling the members it was not allowed anymore to be a member of several Elvis-webrings.more
Updated: Jan 23, 2000
This site has a lot to offer to the (average) Elvisfan. If you're looking for a certain - hard to get - release from some obscure country, this is probably the place to be.more
Updated: Feb 6, 2000
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