The story behind some well known Elvis paintings.more
Updated: Nov 1, 1999
This year the theme of Elvis Unlimited’s convention was the 30th anniversary of “Aloha from Hawaii”. Elvis Unlimited raised a lot of money with this show for the Danish Child Cancer Foundation, to stay complete in line with “Aloha From Hawaii”.more
Updated: Apr 7, 2003
As you might have noticed we are allowed to publish several Top 3’s on our site weekly. "The Best of the Net"-list had a new number one for the previous two weeks. We wanted to find out why.more
Updated: Dec 13, 1999
Looking back on 6 months <p>

After our first 6 months it seems to be the right time to look back and have a little evaluation.more
Updated: Feb 27, 2000
For the second time we've done some altering on our site. Not radically this time, but we think we give a better overview on the pages now. Not everything is implemented yet, we decided to do it step by step.more
Updated: Jun 12, 2000
Since the recent release of "Too Much Monkey Business" on the FTD-label a lot of discussions started about the need of "Elvis having a face-lift.more
Updated: Dec 24, 2000
Because there was a lot of discussion about the recent release of "The Guitar Man sessions" and the announcement of "The Wonder of You" as upcoming European single, we decided to do an on-line poll to find out what the average Elvis' fan thinks.more
Updated: Jan 14, 2001
We found this review of the That's The Way It Is premiere and it was written so enthusiastically that we simply had to add it to this weeks edition.more
Updated: Aug 14, 2000
Next from our list of volunteers is a two-in-one site, well it will be. Part of it is about the Presley family, and the other part will be a strictly Lisa-site when her CD will be released (latest news is that that will be in 2001).more
Updated: Jul 17, 2000
We have another volunteer here, of a Presley related website. And you can take "related" literally here since it's a site about Elvis "pride" Lisa Marie.more
Updated: Nov 19, 2000
A site we recently found is the Profile of a king website, focusing on the last decennium of Elvis life. The profile of this website by the author:more
Updated: Mar 4, 2001
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