Surfing the WWW we stumbled on the Master & Session website. Attracted by the design we took a closer look and got a bit dazzled. Several days later we regained consciousness and decided to write this review.more
Updated: Oct 18, 1999
A couple of weeks after the CD/book combination Memphis Recording Service released the vinyl version.more
Updated: Dec 19, 2016 Shop
There have been many items made in the likeness of Elvis Presley, including dolls, statues and one time or another, little plastic Elvis. Oddly, he had never been taken on by one of the companies we know could do him justice.more
Updated: Jun 12, 2004
My name is George Dassinger and I was a VP - Rogers & Cowan Public Relations’ Corporate Entertainment division - based in New York City from the late ‘70s through the mid ‘80s. It was 1982, early spring, when I received a phone call from the West Coast office saying the company signed a new client. I would help launch the account under the guidance of the Beverly Hills office. Elvis’ home and entourage refuge was being turned into a “museum”. It was going to be “Graceland – the museum”. I was told to fly to Memphis to visit Graceland. Report back after my visit, be fair and objective and provide an evaluation of media, promotional options and “a preview day”.more
Updated: Dec 25, 2009
Part two of George Dassinger's memopries of opening Graceland to the world.more
Updated: Dec 26, 2009
Last weekend the editorial team of ElvisNews went to Denmark to visit the beautiful capital Copenhagen. Not coincidentally there was an Elvis related concert, organized by our very active friends of Elvis Unlimited.more
Updated: Apr 15, 2005
During the 60’s Elvis went often to the Memphis Fairground Amusement park. After closing time he rented the fairground just for himself and his friends.more
Updated: Jan 14, 2003
Indeed, the Memphis Mafia Inc. held their own second annual reunion at the Ramada Airport Friday and Saturday for Elvis Week 2000.more
Updated: Aug 14, 2000
The whereabouts of Presley's girlfriend who was at the world's first superstar jam session went unknown for decades. Until now.more
Updated: Nov 11, 2008 Shop
Memphis Recording Service released Music City earlier this week. The album is the vinyl counterpart of their Studio Sessions '56 release from last summer.more
Updated: Nov 24, 2017 Shop
With this being the 25th anniversary of Elvis Aaron Presley's passing, I pay tribute to his life via his music, movies and these very rare candid photos from 1957 taken in San Francisco just prior to his concerts.more
Updated: Apr 20, 2002
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