That voice coming over FM 100, the one that could be a huskier Sheryl Crow, is Lisa Marie Presley, whose single Lights Out has been getting advance spins by the station.more
Updated: Jan 16, 2003
Elvis asked Bill Belew to design a special outfit for his comeback in Las Vegas in 1969. Elvis didn’t like the normal way of dressing in Las Vegas. The most artists wore tuxedos, but Elvis wanted something different.more
Updated: Oct 30, 2002
THE weeping fans and screaming mobs seem a universe away from the hush of a knoll at Graceland. The musical genius born in a two-room house in Tupelo, Miss., died in a kind of squalor not far along the road here, amid the wreckage of his own global fame.more
Updated: Nov 15, 2003 Shop
The Hidden Works Of The King, a database with Elvis bootleg releases, is a good program content wise. But the program itself still needs some work to function perfectly.more
Updated: Apr 28, 2003
“Heartbreak Hotel” and “All Shook Up” are no longer ‘just’ Elvis Presley hits. Twenty five top designers of the world transformed them to dresses, costumes and suits.more
Updated: Dec 9, 2002
This article from The Oregonian shows that the same goes for a bus, owned by Elvis in 1976 and 1977.more
Updated: May 15, 2000
Tupelo historian Roy Turner held an introduction of his documentary during Bill Burk’s Birthday Luncheon. We were pleasantly surprised by what we saw, and hope we will be able to see the final result on DVD later this year.more
Updated: Jan 18, 2005
During Elvis German army days he stayed for several months in Hotel Grunewald in Bad Nauheim.more
Updated: Dec 8, 2002
On his website Mocean Worker" the remixer Mowo explains how he made the remix of "Burning Love" for the Honda CR-V commercial.more
Updated: Sep 27, 2006
From the August 11, 2007 edition of The New York Times an article by Elvis biographer Peter Guralnick.more
Updated: Aug 12, 2007
The Dutch magazine Almost in Elvis provided us with another translation of one of their articles, this time from their latest issue "Run On".more
Updated: Feb 28, 2010
It's the paradoxes we see in Elvis that made him the great artist that he was.more
Updated: Sep 3, 2002
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