There are a lot of specialised sites on Elvis on the Internet, covering the movies, the concerts, the lyrics, or the news. This list is about endless, and the site we take a closer look on now is specialised in the "Girl's view on Elvis".more
Updated: Feb 18, 2001
Part Three: Beginnings.<br> "Everyone has their own story of how they found Elvis." Tupelo Tour Guide, August 14, 2000more
Updated: Sep 17, 2000
Part Four: Candlelights and Goodbyes<br>
"Words can never express how I feel. So, listen to my heart and know how much you are loved and missed." Message left by "Mary" on the stone wall at Graceland.more
Updated: Sep 24, 2000
Part One: The Film, By Aleksandra Rebic.

"When through one man ,
a little more love and goodness,
a little more light and truth, come into the world,
then that man's life had a meaning."

Author Unknownmore
Updated: Sep 4, 2000
Part Two: The Garden, By Aleksandra Rebic.
"We Miss You, Elvis." Card placed on the gravestone
of Elvis Presley
August 14, 2000more
Updated: Sep 11, 2000
We received an email from Alec Rebic offering us a story written for a Chicago newspaper about the experiences visiting the Graceland mansion in 1982 and again in 1999. It's one of those trips we'd all like to make ... sometime.more
Updated: Mar 5, 2000
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