Ferry put his site up for one of our reviews (giving us an incomplete url which isn’t a too good start for our reviewteam), but we found, we saw and we passed judgement.more
Updated: Nov 22, 1999
Elvis The Concert at the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland.more
Updated: Jun 8, 2003
The First German Elvis Pages is one of those site's that seems to have been around forever. Both in design and content.more
Updated: Feb 20, 2000
Fans of Elvis Presley were treated to a larger-than-life video projection of the legendary singer at a three-hour multi-media extravaganza at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday night - August 21, 2004 at 8pm.more
Updated: Aug 24, 2004
Pianist Floyd Cramer, a self-taught player who became one of the key session players during the “Nashville Sound” era, was elected posthumously to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cramer joins a select group of topflight instrumentalists whose contributions so monumental.more
Updated: Mar 21, 2003
The footsteps of Elvis exhibition came to Amsterdam, finally a chance to "walk in his shoes". Before we "criticize and accuse" we walked a mile in his footsteps (we couldn't get into the boots that were on display).more
Updated: Aug 28, 2005
It might look strange why we didn’t review THE Elvis Presley page on the world wide web earlier.more
Updated: Dec 27, 1999
How many records has Elvis actually sold? Did he really sell One Billion records as has been claimed. Nick Keene has researched this subject in depth with help from Ernst Jorgensen at Sony BMG and has compiled the following report.more
Updated: Aug 3, 2007
We found a good article on "A Fire Down Below" from Jerry Scheff By Bill Ellis from the Commercial Appeal (January 05 2002).more
Updated: Jan 8, 2002
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Mississippi farm boy, Gospel aficionado, solo artist, songwriter, collaborator with Nashville A-list stars, member of the most successful studio group in history – and very soon, published author. Throughout his remarkable life, Memphis Boys keyboardist Bobby Wood has worn many hats in the music world. Fortunately for fans, he will soon release a book in which he candidly discusses his faith, family, frailties and his phenomenal career spanning six decades that has found him working with a range of prominent stars “from Elvis to Garth” and just about everyone in between.more
Updated: Feb 22, 2009
In the late 1950s, Hart was a starlet, making thousands of dollars per week and billed as the next Grace Kelly.more
Updated: Mar 25, 2001
The TCB Band and Mondo Carne were in Mol Belgium on October 2nd. We already added our view on this remarkable event, but now you get it trough the eyes of a "member" of Mondo Carne.more
Updated: Oct 12, 2004
It's been great reading the results of your poll, and fun comparing it to our own information. In general the releases sell roughly the samemore
Updated: Jul 2, 2001
Last month, during our vacation I received the two vinyl releases by FTD, Blue Hawaii and Standing Room Only. Are they a worthy addition to the FTD collection?more
Updated: Aug 18, 2009
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The greatest fanclub of Flanders, Elvis Matters, organized a show offering the full TCB-band, so including John Wilkinson.more
Updated: Oct 3, 2004
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