"If this was a perfect world, Elvis Presley would be alive, and the impersonators would be dead."more
Updated: Nov 26, 2001
One project that may not be making its way to DVD -- at least in the lavish form that had been expected -- is Solt and Malcolm Leo's 1981 Presley documentary 'This Is Elvis'. The film, a combination of archival news and performance footage as well as dramatic re-creations, was released in a now out-of-print VHS edition in 1982.more
Updated: Dec 17, 2006
Alfred Wertheimer captured images of a young man on the the verge of stardom. When an RCA Records publicist called Alfred Wertheimer to ask him to photograph the studio's new recording star in 1956, Wertheimer said, "Elvis who?"more
Updated: Aug 10, 2004
How did another image of "the King" - the ballooning waistline, a prisoner to prescription drugs - hold residence alongside the young, sleek rebel who changed the face of music in the '50s? In 1977, he died at the age of 42 in his Memphis mansion.more
Updated: Jan 5, 2003
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