We go "Inside Henrik Knudsen" and "Inside G.I. Blues" through this interview with the President of the well known Danish Elvis Unlimited fan club.more
Updated: Aug 4, 2006
We go "Inside Megan Murphy" and "Inside Roustabout" through this Email interview with one of the authors of the new book "Inside Roustabout".more
Updated: Mar 20, 2007
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From Elaine Dundy, author of the book "Elvis And Gladys" we received the answers on the question you wanted to ask her.more
Updated: Oct 6, 2004
In the latest issue of "Elvis Today" there was an article about our site, with thanks to both the writer and Elvis Today we are able to publish it here for our readers.more
Updated: Dec 17, 2000
A couple of weeks ago we invited our readers to submit questions for both Keith Alverson and Ed Bonja which we would ask them at the Elvis Unlimited Convention in Randers.more
Updated: Apr 15, 2001
An interview with David Bendeth (DB), producer of the Elvis Number Ones CD.more
Updated: Sep 11, 2002
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A couple of weeks ago we mentioned the upcoming Elvis Friends Palm Springs Weekend. Elvis' costume designer Bill Belew will be one of the guests during that weekend.more
Updated: Feb 20, 2000
This week we have an interview with Carol ... the follow up to an interview we had a couple of months ago with Sandi Miller ...more
Updated: Jan 9, 2000
Christophe Jouanne, creator and webmaster of ”Elvis en Bourgogne”more
Updated: Jul 11, 2002
Virgin Net had an interview with Glenn D. Hardin on the web and we thought it would be nice for you to read it since there aren't that many interviews with Elvis former band members around.more
Updated: Mar 19, 2000
A new item in our weekly magazine. Regularly we will take an interview by e-mail with lots of different people: webmasters, fanclub-presidents, just fans and hopefully in the near feature also people related to Elvis otherwise.more
Updated: Sep 13, 1999
The following interview of Joanna Johnson with Loanne Parker from ETA Radio coming from Yahoo was published in newsgroup alt.elvis.king thanks to Dawn. Itcan be an interesting read for Elvis fans.more
Updated: Jan 15, 2004
Peter Guralnick is an author and music critic. In 1994, he published the first of a two-volume biography of Elvis Presley. Last Train to Memphis was a meticulously researched portrait of the young Elvis Presley.more
Updated: Jun 25, 2000
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Interview with Peter Verbruggen, author of two books on Elvis (and links to Belgium) and one book on John Wilkinson.more
Updated: May 3, 2007
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We received an interview with Richard Sanders and David Bendeth who did the remixing of the Elvis Number Ones CD.more
Updated: Jul 25, 2002
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