On April 4, 1977, Ed Bonja sat on the edge of the bed in his fourth floor Hilton hotel room. He was sick. He had just stayed up all night and lost $12,000 gambling with "The Colonel" Tom Parker. And his girlfriend had left him for his hometown preacher.more
Updated: Nov 5, 2005
On January 8, 2015, Elvis Aaron Presley would have turned 80. And even though he’s been dead for more than 37 years, his fame is still unrivalled and his legacy continues to inspire new generations. Graceland, his house in Memphis, is visited by 600,000 tourists every year, his music continues to sell in vast quantities, and new details about his life and death still make for popular tabloid fodder.more
Updated: Jan 12, 2015
A few years after his death in 1977, Presley's estate and rights to his music and likeness came under the control of a trust and board of trustees. Jack Soden was there in Memphis from the beginning, helping Priscilla and other trustees create accessibility to all things Elvis.more
Updated: Sep 13, 2004
We Interviewed Daniel Klein, author of "Kill Me Tender" in 2000 after his first Elvis murder mystery came out. With the presentation of the second Elvis murder mystery "Blue Suede Clues" we offered you the possibility to ask the author some questions. Fmore
Updated: Mar 31, 2002
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Andrew Hearn, editor of the Essential Elvis magazinemore
Updated: Dec 16, 2001
In our series of Email-interviews we had the pleasure to interview Bev Caldwell, a name given to us by Sandi Miller (ElvisNews 9) Beverly took some time to respond, but when she did … well read for yourself.more
Updated: Nov 22, 1999
Bill Burk is well known by most fans for his articles about Elvis in the Memphis Press Scimitar, his own publication Elvis World and his presence in alt.elvis.king.more
Updated: Feb 13, 2000
Two weeks ago "Kill Me Tender" a fictional "Elvis murder mystery" by Daniel Klein came out. This book tells the story of Elvis investigating the death of two of his fan club presidents.more
Updated: Jul 25, 2000
DJ Fontana participated in one of our EmailInterviews. We asked the ElvisNews readers to mail us the questions, see if DJ Fontana answered your ...more
Updated: Mar 18, 2003
This week we have one of our Emailinterviews with Donna Keen. She became the victim through the interview we had with Bev Cadwell last year.more
Updated: Mar 19, 2000
Last Friday, August 4, "Elvis Shot by Bonja", a co-operation between Ed Bonja and the Danish fanclub was released.more
Updated: Aug 7, 2000
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This week we have an interview with Jeff Scott, a graphic artists who used Elvis as the subject as some of his work.more
Updated: Feb 28, 2002
If you are ever visit New York...., don't hesitate to visit me, all Elvisfans are welcome....more
Updated: Oct 22, 2001
Please tell the fans and other readers that I send them my very best wishes from the bottom of my heart. I hope to meet all of them one day. I’m here for them.more
Updated: May 20, 2002
The three letters "JXL" are creating quite a buzz in the Elvisworld. JXL stands for Junkie XL, the DJ who mixed the new edition of "A Little Less Conversation". In this EmailInterview you get a chance to get to now the person behind the three letters.more
Updated: Jun 3, 2002
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This week we did an EmailInterview with Keith Alverson, who's photobook "Elvis On Stage" is about to be released. Keith is not a man of many words, fortunately he's a man of images.more
Updated: Dec 3, 2000
Last week we published the first part of our email interview with Laura Levin, co-author of "Elvis & You". This week we present you part two.more
Updated: Sep 4, 2000
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Arjan Deelen offered us the opportunity to do an email interview with Laurens van Houten, the photographer with whom he cooperates in his upcoming book "Elvis: Caught In A Trap". Laurens photographed Elvis on stage in 1973.more
Updated: Apr 6, 2002
Knowing that BMG's attention for Elvis extremely improved during the "Omansky Years" we hope that he will stay involved somehow and BMG knows which consultant they should hire..more
Updated: Sep 23, 2001
Andylon Lensen volunteered once again to do an interview for us. This time the "victim" is Paul Dowling, known by most of the fans on the Internet as the owner of WorldWideElvis.more
Updated: Feb 28, 2002
The past year the Czech Elvis Presley Fanclub released quite a few CD's. This series now ended, time to look back with the president of the Czech fanclub and the producer of the CD's.more
Updated: Jan 21, 2001
During our visit to Memphis we met Elvis-collector Sherif Hanna and arranged to have an email interview with him.more
Updated: Sep 9, 2001
A couple of months ago I did an interview with Ernst Jorgensen for ElvisNews.com and when I asked him who he liked me to interview for ElvisNews.com he only mentioned one person ; Stanley Oberst the Author of “Elvis in Texas”.more
Updated: Jun 11, 2002
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Laura Levin is co-author of the successful book "Elvis and You". Together with John O'Hara she wrote this "guide to the pleasure of being an Elvis-fan".more
Updated: Sep 11, 2000
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A couple of weeks ago we started this series with an interview with Lex Raaphorst. He suggested Sandi Miller as "victim" for a next interview. We are glad Sandi did agree and here it is.more
Updated: Oct 25, 1999
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