The Academy Awards are about movies, so when the ceremony regularly gives musicians the short end of the trophy it isn't a news bulletin.more
Updated: Feb 18, 2009
How many times does BMG expect faithful fans to purchase the same Elvis albums? Every year they re-issue existing albums with bonus singles or alternate takes and charge $18 (USD).more
Updated: Jun 2, 2002
On the outside the 'Too Much Monkey Business' office doesn't look too impressive. It could use some fresh paint and a logo. This is 2011 and many Elvis sites look a heap more hip, on the outside, than Monkey does in this day and age.more
Updated: Oct 16, 2011
Are Elvis fans this insecure? Do they really need confirmation that they like an artist who is still popular? Well, I do not care at all, certainly since it is not Elvis doing it, but the commerce.more
Updated: May 20, 2002 Shop
RCA and EPE ,I wish you would get your acts together and " A little less conversation... a little more action please ! But That's just my opinion.more
Updated: Jun 30, 2002
The place: American Studios. The address: 827 Thomas Street, Memphis. The dates: January and February 1969. The legacy: A pivotal turning point not just in Elvis history – but also in music history.more
Updated: Feb 16, 2009
Many things throughout Elvis' life and career have pointed to him being a staunch American patriot from his national service in the Army, his letter to Richard Nixon in December 1970 or the inclusion of this song in his setlist from 1972 and using America (The Beautiful) in his live show to celebrate his country's bicentennial in 1976.more
Updated: Oct 2, 2015
Dear Lisa, never before I felt the urge to ask you anything, but now I have to. So please, take a moment to consider this and let us know what you are thinking of this!more
Updated: Nov 29, 2006
A short fly-by over last week's happenings.more
Updated: Dec 3, 2006 Shop
The news is out that both the ´68 Comeback Special and the Aloha from Hawaii are going to be upgraded for DVD release. This is good, and very welcome news to us. But as always, as an Elvis fan, you start to hope for much but what can we expect?more
Updated: Sep 19, 2002
Will it ever officially see the light of day?more
Updated: Sep 21, 2015
Elvis second show of his third Las Vegas season was the Dinner Show of 11 August 1970 and was the second of six consecutive shows to be recorded by RCA and filmed by the movie cameras of MGM.more
Updated: Oct 18, 2015
Of course people are free not to buy a FTD-release, and they can think it is a mistake to release an audience recording.more
Updated: Dec 14, 2002
Besides fans ripping off other fans with their useless bootleg releases – and I do mean the real useless ones, the news reached a new high in blackness with an EPE press release about Elvis imposters yesterday.more
Updated: Nov 17, 2006
I am not thrilled by the last few releases by the BMG strategic marketing department. We have all of Elvis' USA singles being released (similar to last years UK singles) with no different material or bonus material on them.more
Updated: Jan 28, 2006
Hung up on one album, but it is actually a verdict on all Camden releases.more
Updated: Jul 31, 2020
The opinion of Dan Siciliano, Las Vegas, about the closing down of an audio bootleg site.more
Updated: Apr 13, 2002
Lex got himself a nice present for a memorable birthday. So last weekend we went to Germany, to Frankfurt, to be exact.more
Updated: Jul 14, 2014
There is one thing about the upcoming ‘30 #1 Hits’ that bothers us. The title is wrong since Elvis now has 31 #1 Hits, if you follow the sources BMG uses. So the correct title would be ‘ELV1S 31 #1 Hits’.more
Updated: Aug 24, 2002 Shop
So the 30th Anniversary has been and gone and despite all the BMG promises, it was a bit of a let down.more
Updated: Nov 7, 2007
As everyone knows, Elvis #1’s was released in the US this past Tuesday, September 24th. For the first time in my memory, BMG actually had promoted, and I mean really promoted, an Elvis release, so much so, in fact, that even non Elvis fans were talking about it. The Colonel would be proud.more
Updated: Oct 1, 2002 Shop
It was obvious, that most people were either getting the facts wrong or not understanding under which considerations the #1 CD's of Elvis and the Beatles were compiled.more
Updated: Jul 7, 2002
BMG is trying a lot harder with Elvis than they have done in the past. I'm not satisfied.more
Updated: Dec 12, 2003
Elvis is for everyone even pot smokers! So before people accuse High Times magazine 'using' Elvis on their cover, I suggest they read the article first.more
Updated: Jan 23, 2003
Our long time member Deano1 continues his series of original album reviews with Elvis Nowmore
Updated: Jun 13, 2019
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