For not too long the fact that a DVD was a factory made DVD usually meant it was worth buying it. In a line of faulty DVD(R)s we bought we thought we'd give you a little warning through a short review of several titles we fell for.more
Updated: Jul 8, 2005
With the battle between the Blu-ray and HD DVD just over, we found this review on the soon to be extinct HD DVD edition of "Viva Las Vegas".

"I'd rather kiss a rattlesnake or play Russian roulette." - Rusty Martin (Ann-Margret)more
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Elvis movies aren't for everyone. They're cheesy, and they have flimsy plots. Even Colonel Parker viewed them as primarily moneymaking endeavors. That said, they have plenty of adoring fans and, well, who doesn't want the pure escapism of a movie like Viva Las Vegas from time to time?more
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